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A couple that paid said she wa scalpels well i don't know everyone can hear the ones that game what the hell the hey um steve bannon i'm not a fan i'm on i'm aqueel mugler yeah well so many of backed fan cruise firm reason you good good rethabile however uh and i'm i'm more than pleased with what i'm seeing but that's another subject bannon he was the devil wasn't any was because he was yeah is he gonna become an angel while he is going to be our if they are if he sticks to whatever negative rhetoric he had in the book for a trump although he didn't do that last night so i don't know as long as he sticks to the criticism in the book of the media's gonna love him absolutely that's all it takes really his politics rumer are combing exactly the whole colmey is the dell colmey is an angel is he a double again in and around your right bannon bannon and a lot of conservatives were not fans the ban and i i you know that yes and uh you know job with a heart or you know whatever but uh it bothers me in many ways somehow some ways he doesn't however i'm not i'm not a fan but i'm very very curious and i'm waiting with bated breath to see cnn turned him into if unless they already have an angel yeah absolutely thanks for the call radio it's good observation because if he sticks to criticizing trump oh he's going to be a hero to the left of be on cnn and.

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