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Gene an automated call recorded by president trump and volunteers for democratic rival doug jones are going door to door abc's cheri preston as in montgomery someone is here now obama are angry they say only certain issues are being represented in the senate race those who support ruined more say people are only focusing on the sexual misconduct and assault allegations those who support doug jones are also asking why people aren't looking at the rest of roy more's record and the fact that he was twice removed from office they also say jones a former us attorney for alabama who helped convict the kkk members responsible for the 1963 birmingham church bombings is a strong candidate regardless of what they see as ruined more a shortcomings sherry preston abc news montgomery alabama president trump traveled to jackson mississippi yesterday and was greeted by protests as he arrived to speak at the opening of a mississippi civil rights museum abc's david wright has more the president was solemn and respectful during his visit to the civil rights museum but his presence there and rage some civil rights activists who see him as part of the problem 'cause local double acp leaders and other elected officials held a separate event rather than appear alongside the president and give him a photo opportunity in southern california firefighters finally getting a small break from the fear santa ana winds that have sparked fires firefighters had to wake people up in the middle of the night and tell them to get out now and this is a community carpentaria that was threatened by this massive wildfire days ago now at risk yet again this fire threatening a homes and concerns the flames could continue spreading because the winds are much stronger today expected to gust of fifty miles an hour abc's marci.

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