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Wentworth and command dozen commute put drives to bristol it's not that far not a three hour drive to bristol from like three and a half clearly are no fire hours from huntington where where i grew up young 5 out you know so it's really it's okay what are we got i just want to put a final ramp on the olympics when he spoke about it earlier but this is a very proud moment for me specifically gril because britain's wind britain set a record a country record for most metals in the winter olympics they one five one golden four runs on a record for that country yes yet because other countries have had more declining declining empire oh we're still very much the empire to be feared airline and gonorrhea rats once great blamed shapes headsails it's actually a board nelson back to college basketball virginia this is an interesting scoop we'll see what pick god yes they're down to attach their descended into one field goal i thought that some major college one for thirty two and they had seven points in the half they are giorgio beat kentucky in a in a regional game and it was the regional final in the ncaa and at the first half was like two to ten 'naming like that it has been points said this pit the wheel school pit is now by the way 'nother a jamie dixon his great as a coach because as soon as he left pit one pit was great they are great oh and seventeen so far in the acc terrible pick and that is that is bad.

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