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Kosta thing no yeah you guys are Joe Dawson Me Jolly do. We're playing with your jollies. We'll be right back. Actually we do need to before we take a break. We have to do our ask. So this is one. We demand that at our listeners rate review give us five stars Leave a comment. Tell your friends about the podcast and join our patriotic but we always have our guests can help you can help so you guys let me just set the scene. So Ben Acker. How Taller you? I'm six six six finally. Oh my extra. This guy is has a commanding presence. Thank you so. Let's hear you demand what you need. You know you need to join us. This has been anchor. Speaking for the pitcher came. Why don't you go ahead and do us? A solid rate subscribe review. You give it to five star treatment the Aereos any Aereos podcast but especially this one big ones. It's guys it would mean a lot to us over here in the In the patriarchy. If you adjust five-star positive review thumbs up Tell your friends your enemy your family at Thanksgiving instead of talking about whatever talk about this a couple months away bad and that's like this Maybe you're there for an Easter shore. Hit Her dinner buffet. Buffet Dinner Buffet. Whatever it is whatever average day Christian event that you have with your family instead of talking about the government more the The library? Yeah I talk about the library a lot to be honest with my family just anyone who will listen. Go worker the library. No but well we have work to the library. But I'm there. There is nothing. I'm more passionate about telling people that they don't need to pay for e books or audible books. HOOPLA HOOPLA overdrive There's one other one that I use. Sometimes it's all free. It's all free if you're anything like Maria out to get free content. That's all I do. You'll love this podcast that you're listening to let us know that you could give it all or two on a pellet on patriotic beyond you don't have to pay values on the Patriots Fan you're hurt. You're hurting them. Because get rid of pay pal. We're now let me chime in here because we've gotten some reviews garden some yes and they just wrote in great great great chicken tender. It's five stars. Shannon Hayes of Hollywood handbook are the boys. Amanda and Maria are the girls of podcasting. They work so well together. And you can't help but feeling like you're hanging hanging out with friends. That's so nice now. This this is one from Bev. Means e My favorite podcast blessed humor in Amanda for consistently putting out content of such high quality. Your report is hilarious and your discussions get me thinking thing about things I would never have otherwise pondered. I'm in a bit of a Rut right now but this podcast has helped me not feel so alone and for that I thank you well. Isn't that Nice now. Do you guys go by Marina. Amanda or Amanda Nria or doesn't matter just whatever anyone Maurienne Amanda. I think it's Marine Amanda. Well in our little mystery mystery show each to do on Youtube. Our theme song was our mind. Name's Amanda or my news. Maria in my name's Amanda I've God panda and I'd like to see the Marine Amanda. The Brand Amanda the Marine. Amanda Show Little Mysteries Cause I'm angry that you're not millionaires with a thing like that. Yeah we made that. Ah Bunk that you're not no it's crazy all know it's we're going to the van Goghs of our time we're we'll die and all of a sudden that theme song we'll see we'll top the chart. Yeah and then people will applaud us and and then our our family members will get all our money. Well yeah our estates. They'll have impersonators of us at Universal Studios. Hollywood it's not Florida. Oh No no no as Van Goghs is that you're like is there a tie in areas smart That's good branding. If there's nothing else it's that we can brand baby brand beatty Brad Disco Inferno you know you got to okay boy. Those Hollywood handbook guys are the boys or girls. Okay so we'll be back after this quick break whereabouts. What I know it was a quick break? I know okay. Are you ready and this is where we go crazy. We've got an Oscar worthy big one today. I don't think it is. It didn't get any arms. There is some buzz is. It's not it was it was all done glow okay. This is a golden globe level. Big One okay. Are we already yes offers you are. Okay okay okay okay the second go to your dark place yes Sarah Go. You have just learned that your beloved beloved grandmother has been diagnosed with.

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