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On opportunity detroit we have cynthia david cynthia who really is 12 she she has a passion for family healthy eating a detroit apparently also has a passion for popcorn because cynthia davis is the owner of sent sanctional popcorn and you got me it you had me of popcorn correct because i don't think i'm alone i love popcorn to let you have manpower but i don't see any in the studio it's coming will it really arrived today while we're sitting here um well on i couldn't be happier with abc how did you decide that you're gonna make a business around popcorn well i dunno if i necessarily decided there but my teacher it's my kids teachers decide if they tried it while at lunch eat in my boys popcorn and they strongly encouraged me to take it to a local farmers market because they swore this was a business what makes your popcorn show good well let me tell you first of all i can cook i am a chef okay and so having the the gifts have put herbs and spices together come very naturally for me yeah so my popcorn is vegan an air popped law it has bvitamins trace minerals and amino acids all in the way of flavor so we're talking about seesawed in karmo seesawed in chocolate chocolate caramel crunch a deal pickle a saracho iran sexy firecracker oh the list goes on but look i think you'll be most impressed with one of my flavors caused the movie theater sensation in the reason why i say that it's because it has no butter but when you open the bag it's smells like it is doused in butter and i'm only using coconut oil olive oil and pink himalayas he saw let me let.

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