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The ETS and giants were set to play game three of the World Series at candlestick park my name is okay issues at the times in the game may have saved several hundred lines because people like me were either at the game or left work early to watch it the traffic at this time was lighter there was much more spacing there are fewer vehicles up there then we would have expected to have been up there most of us out the game didn't realize just how devastating the quake actually was sixty three people died a double decker freeway in Oakland collapsed a section of the bay bridge was knocked out and damage to property was widespread across the bay area on this thirtieth anniversary correspondent Jim rope reports governor Gavin Newsom has unveiled the first ever statewide early warning system most cases all you need are a few seconds to drop cover and hold on before the shaking begins and this is the idea behind the California earthquake early warning system not a fancy nor creative name but accurate ground sensors are set up across the state to detect earthquakes before humans can feel them then with the use of the my shake smartphone app it will one residence before the shaking begins how far from the epicenter you are will correspond with how early your early warning is congressman Elijah Cummings the chairman of the powerful house oversight committee has died correspondent Linda Kenyon reports he was known for his looming presence for civil rights activism and for strong commitment to his constituents and to his country here he is addressing the issue of gun violence last August I'm a man of deep faith and I believe that prayer works but the American people are begging us for more than a thoughts and prayers Cummings was the chairman of one of the three house committees leading the impeachment inquiry of president trump his congressional offices he suffered complications from long standing health challenges he died at Johns Hopkins hospital in his home district of Baltimore a larger Cummings was sixty eight Linda Kenny on Washington we will update your drive around the bay area beginning with five eighty and cagey as mark me at in just a moment chan you and takes you on a wondrous journey of captivating stories magical scenery and soul stirring music coming to the bay area December through February tickets at shin eun dot com.

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