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With the coming of the great American national story going on to Skyler Davidson whether. whether or not she actually killed her baby or not and enginer levy of channel twelve's been in the in the court room of scholar Richardson to see what's going on and enjoy it levy welcome again of the bill Cunningham show internet how are you. I'm good how are you I'm good so explain to the American people what happened this morning in the trial. well the defense started case and the first witness was that Richards and Kyle Richards since father and he was presented as a character witness which we all thought was really interesting because there's a separation of witnesses thing going on a bear witness you can't be in the court room but he's been in there every day and they come on as a character witness they put a photograph of Skyler when she was a little kid with her family and her parents and she talked about her history of eating disorders and how they had sought treatment for that and that the author was questioned by the defense about whether or not and he knew that Eilers mother or with you know sending our taxes early is being a sophomore in high school cheering run to lose weight and things like that and that was going on during her pregnancy after the pregnancy so he was not aware of that and he also said he wasn't aware of that. his daughter we need a lawyer during that second police interrogation because he was under the impression she was not going to be in trouble and. Stricker at. engine that you and I've been around a long time and I frequently told people as a lawyer not as a citizen never talked to the police there's nothing good coming out of sitting in front of a lieutenant Dan is done a detective Jennifer Elliott and just does gorge yourself and there stands next to her her father whose bears to be a good cop in a loving dad almost urging his daughter to tell the truth that may put her in prison for the rest of her life on video how it happened he didn't he had no idea that they were being paid. when he when he and mom you know can went into the interrogation room after the first interview he said he had no clue that they were being paid and he had no clue either that the cops could write him one daughter and you know we all you and I know the Supreme Court says late please can't lie to people I mean that they're allowed to do it so he had no idea he was being videotaped the whole conversation he said he told it better to be honest and that he he claims that he was told she would not need a lawyer so yeah. pretty good sound advice they always have a lawyer if you're talking to the. hi I think that's number and if you're in a small room they generally have signs up saying you may be recorded and according to the pre trial motions they filed motions to exclude this that the so called two confessions the second one is more of a confession than the first one but but none none the less you kinda waive your rights and it's fair to say that Skyler has the body of a a woman but she has the mind of a child and mother and a father know that better than anyone else so I'm sure the Scott feels as if he's committed a terrible blunder not getting back to the evidence I can yeah how large was the baby of birth was there any testimony whether it was too much premature three months and how much the baby weighed about. now that the money has been that the baby with full term between thirty eight and forty weeks it sounds like the kind of colleges to confirm that she was pregnant gave an estimate of thirty two weeks at the time but that that was wrong because of the measurement he check and she was small you know prom with coming up it sounds like she was working out if you look at your prom dress like that and the defense claimed that she was the baby with growth restricted that means like your your uterus is too small and the baby can't grow because of what you know that the size of the uterus and all that so it was a full term baby and I was that in a second police interview that she was kind of big and she didn't we don't know the weight or anything like that but she was a full term baby elephant you with kind of bag Kyler when he's the baby sitting Ted because she did that at the YMCA she. yeah I think you've got to kind of take our word for it I guess what little for the jury the fact that you now engine at the moment the baby was born kind of explain to the American people what happened for that minute or two because I would think there would be blood there'd be that that would be the burst there'd be liquid everywhere explain what happened what she says happened well she said she had the urge to go to the bathroom and she was in a lot of pain and she thought on the door toilet because she felt like something had to come out and she squeezed and she put the baby bop into the toilet she tried to catch her but she couldn't because she was very she said she went head first into the toilet and that she may have had had a little bit and that she was in the water at first for like a minute. in the water first for two minutes that's what she said and so the baby she's on the commode the baby is in the water of the Torah for two minutes. that's what she said and then she said she grabbed the baby out of the toilet by the arm and did what and. and then held the baby. that shouldn't be there maybe too hard and she thinks she might a calendar. and she said this on the videotape. correct where was the mom and dad back and what we're was that members mom and dad at this point. they're out in the hall where wherever in the waiting area at the police department in Carlisle so they weren't in there at that point that she you know she said she didn't think the baby was alive in the first interview that the baby with white she didn't cut the cord. and then in the second interview she said that she thinks it might be alive and that she may kill other. and in other words what I thought was interesting that she volunteered that she may have had had a little and they found post mortem skull fractures on the baby they did the examination of the call so then I thought that was kind of interesting so the Rikers may claim that the fractures did not occur intentionally but rather when the baby came out and hit the porcelain toilet that's when the fractures in skull took place well that's what I'm that's what I'm wondering if they're implying because all of the forensic anthropologist defense and prosecution agree that these happened after the baby died. so whether or not that what how they happened I don't know. clean her compassionate falls to they said she was coerced you know when I watch court TV and other outlets there kind of examining the behavior of the police officers specially detective Jennifer Elliott who seemingly is a nice woman holding your hand kind of encourage her to tell the truth you would have been a great mother that kind of stuff and many women that I've spoken to are offended by the behavior Jennifer Elliott and coercing a confession that otherwise would not be true. yeah the second interview I was actually brandy Carter with the war in town here. I don't know about Jennifer. a brandy Carter's the winner was hold your hand. yeah there were two different female officers in the one wish like and Carlisle officer in the first interview the second was a share of the tax. Carter. and she's telling her and she's the one that got got the confession. correct and I would think the records are going to claim it wasn't true that that she was yeah lead on right yeah they're gonna claim they you know better everything and I'm sure they're going to call transaction that purchase to break it video down and talk about how you know they suggested things and you know this is what they what they DO you know when you've seen the session claims the defense says that's what they did they bring in experts describe you know why somebody my as men agreeing to that and things like that one scholar Richardson was delivering the baby was up stairs I've seen the outside of the house appears to be a typical Fort Bragg four bedroom two and a half baths issue it would have been at night it would have been dark would've been very quiet it is she claiming that she made no noise during the delivery process. nobody will god she you know her dad I mean if you watch the tape her dad your mom or like totally shocked you know they were like couldn't believe that they wouldn't wake up and that she didn't make any noise how she didn't make any noise I've no idea because she told the one gynecologist afterwards you know that the lady said childbirth eighteen people and the doctors and she said either agreed with clients and yeah yeah it really is you know and how she did that out of the way Kelly Richardson that'd be physically eight. little woman because I don't I can't imagine how somebody could give birth like that and not wake people up a brother with like sleeping in the next round. is is there any evidence and another person asked me this question must gotten camp they had to of known they had to of known and I've said there's no evidence presented that would indicate mom and dad know she was pregnant correct I think it's absolutely a certainty that that did not now absolutely a certainty I think you know it appears mom didn't know but there was a text message or leaving messages that came off the settlers and that would prevent it yesterday that kind of rape from questions because that was the day before that going to college the point man where she was. talking to Kylar about making the appointment with her doctor the doctor who delivered her and she basically was saying you know he's a good doctor you could go to Planned Parenthood that the doctors are coming in he there and you have to pay out of pocket doctor enters the surgeon he's been doing this a long time it makes me sick too but I have to look out for your future and so that was presented yesterday but it kind of makes you wonder if you know your there's talk of Planned Parenthood you get birth control there you go there for other services thank you for talking about Planned Parenthood he's kinda weird when we're talking about you know wanting to go get her help I think they're kind of that raising questions and we don't know for sure but mom clean she didn't now. and at this point what's going to happen the later this afternoon. well I think we're going to hear more from that there was a doctor actually who had been on the stand even up there after that dad died in a doctor wait he's a gynecologist and he testified that in his opinion and reviewing all the records in the house records that police interrogation but the baby was. and that it would grow perspective not had the penny and so thinking he'll probably be cross examined here after lunch at the salt the Richardsons walking out the Jerry walking out so they're going to lunch right now right..

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