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To select your first card lime scooters lime scooters so of course you've you've been following the news you know you have a lot of scooters here in san francisco and you can use your phone to read them and the cost like two dollars to go four blocks or i i don't know if it's been very controversial because they just started they showed up everywhere another as much regulations of the people are very excited about them and they they're like a two billion dollar company now but is there a way to make that a service for the community to any thoughts come to mind tiffany i think of perhaps treating it like public transportation and some private thing maybe having like actual schedules for renting them bringing them or you know discounts for senior citizens in like wonder accessible or whatnot like i don't know like adding boosters to wheelchairs and things like that or something we've already seen like some cities have given people credits for uber like affect turning uber into public transit or component of transit maybe cities could start giving scooter credits totally golly i mean could it big nonprofit to say we think scooters are so important we're just going to put like a thousand around them on the streets and we're going to help people get from place to place i think they could have to operate government some kind of way because i think about my hometown like i try to ride a bike around almost got hit so it's like people have to be used to seeing people on something that's not a motorcycle but not a car either so it's a public sentiment kind of thing i'm sort of getting the feeling you don't think this would make a great nonprofit now okay that's that's fair that's totally fair i designed his games and i'm responsible for all of the ways that they break now i will choose a card and the first card i've chosen is the red cross nice now the red cross famously takes blood from people and assist them in emergencies and they do that as a nonprofit but what if they could make a little bit of money now hear me out first of all blood giving it away that seems strange to me blood is very valuable i mean look at what peter thiel has been able to do with blood investing in companies where they take younger people's blood and ejected directly into them to sort of help preserve them that's a very valuable business so i would like to see the red cross get into this kind of vampire like technology using all the blood that they have around the the warehouse there and i think they could make a pretty penny and then use that money to help out during disaster relief you know so you sort of have the you have the weird part of the business but then you have the good part of the business and everyone feels good about it and that's my pitch to make the red cross a for profit enterprise again nice yes so so you said points and presentation was okay we're not going to judge me yuccas where i wanted to i wanted to let's you why don't you draw another card because you didn't love the first one no man so okay vine ooh resurrecting something all right so vine the of.

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