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You just rushed this time. No, no, he didn't rush anything. The vote is always certified on the fourth Monday after Election Day, But did you hear them? Boo him? Yes, A Republican governor gets booed by a room full of Republicans and after the president says, this will not forget. What do you see? Just Dr Kelli Ward, the head of Arizona's Republican Party Tweets. We will not forget. I wonder if Republicans will forget how Kelly Ward drove a wedge right in the middle of the party at a time when the party should be gearing up for an election in less than two years where the offices of governor secretary State Attorney general will be on the ballot as well as the U. S Senate seat, which Democrat Mark Kelly just one. They'll need the votes of moderate Republicans and independents to win those elections. And those people hate Kelly words Drama but the really important statewide election state mine inspector that'll easily be won by Republicans. So rest easy GOP Kelly words get you covered, Be sure enjoying Jim Sharp, Jamie West and detoured, and tomorrow morning at five is they bring you Arizona's morning news? Only eight days until the government runs out of authority to spend money while million still awaits, Um, pandemic relief. It's become a double barreled crisis. Another possible government shutdown in a week without a spending bill and millions of Americans demanding Congress help with unemployment near bankrupt businesses and other emergency funds. Subject of additional coronavirus relief is on the minds of Lots of our members. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is blocked any house passed covert relief bill since July, with many of his own party members continuing to block the aid and he failed. ABC NEWS Washington.

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