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Vilnius wars l wars hell wars hell wars l where's l wars l but there are a lot of us in charge of ah party the victors victor yeah it's your party ally wallich jim mitchum i self george hamilton some really fine actors were in there too and i remember hearing from mitcham he found what i got some bomb i know i d what the fuck is off oh yeah that's really good you want some oh you bet yeah sure bong yeah you know it's that's african for for grass oh yeah i just never heard a call bong before i never heard called anything before i knew these jokes that my first mother had told me that we're active jokes of people people in so i knew that this is something but i had no idea what was i wished that maybe i'd learned about it when i was if teen but improbably glad that i didn't now i've stopped on my way back from shepherd and studios into the center of london and my i went to a little curio shop and bought the small corncob pipe that's what i'll smoke it in so mitchum is told me when you get down your room give me a call is it okay so i did fine come down on this floor and knock twice the door skinny weird wonderful so i did it went down there and knock twice in the door and then he opens up cpa parts in the back there and some of the people that he comes out in the hall looks around he has hooded is just like his father bob is okay fun he had this long this envelope full of had something i did not know what is now you.

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