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News this hour from townhall dot com. I'm working Griffin. Sometime this day. Attorney general William bars expected release a summary of key findings liberty council's. Matt Stabers says the report falls far short of its stated purpose. It was as we look back obviously politically motivated and was a huge waste of time. Because the original goal never was cheap. Because there was nothing there to really investigate democratic lawmakers renewing their calls for getting the entire reports as well as evidence gathered by investigators and the Muller reports accompanied by tugboats, the Viking sky cruise ship has Lampton to the Norwegian port of moldy more than a day after issuing a mayday. Call on the storm that led to heroin helicopter rescues of half of its passengers biking sky Kerry thirteen hundred seventy three passengers and crew when it had engine trouble Saturday afternoon off the western coast of Norway amid wen Gosden waves over twenty six feet five helicopters flying in the pitch dark back over four hundred seventy. Five passengers from the heaving ship. Correspondent Ben Thomas reports. US back forces have declared military victory over ISIS in Syria. It took months of fierce fighting but the Syrian democratic forces race their yellow banner over the village of goose Saturday liberating the last pocket of territory held by Islam state militants. Linda Robinson at the RAND Corporation says the F across the battle in the deliberate manner, all of these civilians coming out of hiding out of these tunnels. There's been a real effort to avoid civilian casualties..

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