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That's it and that's not in place, either so it feels like A. Strange one because if I, there's A. is there a real danger that will be a sort of blackout on the French league in the initially. Black out I, don't think so, but the have demanded distribution. They will have limited visibility, and that's not in the interest of the League itself and entrant, which may have. Had Been Infants as lights. Not You always have a face, the trade off between okay new market entrant, which is fitting to pay a premium. Provide? The Highest Meteo revenue for you go continue to work with a incumbents which might be a little bit less. They are reliable and. Established, footprint in the legal market, so you always have that trade off and I think the biggest risk 'em besides limited visibility, which might become betterment while in the mid to long-term been. You're heading into the next. White Tiger I think the term risk is said. Any given lights on in here to meet up all which default on the white payment and I think the biggest the biggest. Risk as it's always a trade off to go with the unknown mean the most money ordway a go with the non rich. Revenue Maximizing rules and the shotgun, so the Tom Bruce at sea weathe-, Debbie satisfaction before before the season, and you've got to in the meantime, confused fans and probably angry fans will trying to work out. What they should be buying and where they should be buying it and. It's just another subscription we have to subscribe to. Your most likely as vivid football fan already subscribe Kennedy plus. In other page Avi Charlotte's knowledge just another. Offering your false to sign up for in order to really an get get the Clinton. You want so so not the most consume. Fendi move in the end. And just to finish off on. On this one does own. There're noises now or that. They're saying that they'll going to sort of revive the. Global Ott play that I mean again. The promise of design was the it was going to be a a the big global Ott. Platform that Ryan terms of and another leading in go heavy on boxing. But one of the challenges is whether or not boxing will get them. To a global platform I guess. I mean yes. Design from the beginning use the money of being the Netflix's of bought I mean inside us or people who know the business you from the beginning that the entertainment and the arts landscapes are completely different, and and it's not really describing the business mode of dissolved, but plus easy way to get across the message, or what does ongoing. Debate because everybody knew what Netflix is doing, default, they really embrace that money in a that the same instead of trying to explain in ten sentences pretty much the same. With minor difference, but just Not Getting. what zones actually? Intends to do so. You will white so. Now in use was and relates to distribution yet again that the global or out, which was already planned for the beginning of the year then was. Put on hold due to the global pandemic snow. Up Again and A bit attested in the near future. And what I found. Particularly interesting is I think so the media market is freely based on the national logic so market notching of. Broadcasting it's really a totally faces and I think it's also reason by I'm a big tech really hasn't jumped into end the spot. What Kelsey market because big take always globality end as both broadcasting is inherent..

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