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Campaign twenty twenty and W. T. O. P. former U. S. ambassador to the United Nations Susan rice has publicly endorsed former vice president Joe Biden and his run for the oval office by ms also picked up an endorsement from former presidential candidate Minnesota senator Amy Klobuchar withdrew from the presidential race a few hours ago and gave her support to Biden former south bend Indiana Merope booted judge is also expected to give biting his support after dropping out of the presidential race after disappointing results in the South Carolina primary Dimitri talks about Biden's new found search with Edward Isaac to veer who covers the campaign for the Atlantic starting with one brother with two of Biden's rivals dropping out about the reality that both of them are looking at having had very poor showing in South Carolina on Saturday seeing that likely meant that they were going to have trouble with African American voters over all around the country on super Tuesday and looking at the trouble anyway of mounting a national campaign essentially over those fourteen states that are going tomorrow trying to figure out how they would save face intensely also looking at a party that has been trying to sort its way out over the course of the last year but in the last two months or so been looking at Bernie Sanders and the people who are not supporters of Bernie Sanders very frightened about the strength of his campaign and looking to stop him from winning the nomination either by winning a majority of the delegates are there or by what he is currently aiming for saying that he'd be happy with which is the windows the plurality of delegates and say that would be is there a good reason to believe that people who had been strongly supporting mayor Pete and centering the clover shark will go to biking there are reasons to suggest that some of them well we've seen much more of an overlap between good a judge and warned boaters and a lot of the way to the polling has been done by the polling itself has been somewhat off at least over the course of the year and we're saying that it just hasn't been playing out quite like the polling has been trying to say that what would you say it is still a pretty monumental task for Joe Biden to meet and then maybe you surpass Bernie Sanders in this race it's going to be tough that is what he is facing and the reason why his campaign is so excited that he has club charm but a judge flying to meet him in Dallas this evening to do an about with him sensually unity event he has had a lot of supporters who just in the last seventy two hours since he won the set Carolina primary on Saturday have started jumping on in favor of notable that this support has just come so quickly and it wasn't there to this point there was a lot of skepticism about Joe Biden seventy two hours ago and then he won South Carolina he wanted resoundingly and that seems to have gotten people to a place where they say okay let's go for it but a lot of that again is driven by this feeling like someone has to stop standards among the people who don't want Sanders to be the nominee and looking to find the person and it seems like for the moment Joe Biden is the beneficiary that will also see over the course of Tuesday whether Michael Bloomberg's plate will come out the way that he wanted and whether Elizabeth Warren can shows that her attempt to be the person who appeals to both Sanders voters and non Sanders voters can get her to a better position than should have the race so far as many campaigns reporter Edward Isaac dovere air.

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