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So swift swap what I just said and it's good, they're at home. But yeah, this game I would not, I think is going to win it. So this is trouble for Derrick Henry who was my pump. The brakes for reason, I'm not. I'm only interested as Henry as a running back three this week. I agree. In fact, the biggest problem with their Kennedy's there has to be like three or four sentences ahead of saying to play him, yeah, to say, you have to say a bunch of conditions in which you like starting Derrick. Henry Dion Lewis. Listen to this highest yards per rush in two thousand seventeen in between the tackles at five point six. He's a great running back showed last week. All you have to do is open your eyes. Yeah, I, I agree with a lot of what you're saying, but I liked both running backs would be fine starting. This is one of those games where I don't think you have to pick one and it comes at the mutual exclusivity of the other, having a fantasy relevant game. Again last week if that one penalty was not called that did not affect their Kennedy, having a sixty yard. Touchdown, everything would be completely different. You know, in in Houston, the their defense and their defense of line should be great. But it's been awhile since they've really been one of the absolute toughest match-ups against the run. So at home, I like their Kennedy. I've said from draft season Dion, Lewis is greater sign than Derrick Henry because he's game script proof and should decide on Watson, go full ham and exit throat five touchdowns. You won't be seeing. There can result that's the risk. But otherwise, if this is a somewhat close game as Vegas sees it there at home, I think both guys will be relevant and I see them both as you know, running back that that two three cusp. Give me all the aids in bake in that you have. We all the colds Owen one take on the one. No Redskins of impr- an impressive performance from the Redskins last week there. Six point home favorites. Forty, six and a half point over under Andrew luck hits the road here played played. Okay. Last week played. Well, this was a close game. They lost to the Bengals the Redskins. I like their defense in this game, their home, they played well. Last week I picked them up. I'm starting them this week. Use your favorites at home? Yeah, yeah, I love it and they showed up in a big way last week, obviously, Josh Norman and company. So what are fantasy expectations from Andrew luck t y Hilton. We saw high target count for Ryan grant wide receiver in his debut for Indianapolis last week, and then the too tight ends Brown with the score. Doyle with the targets, and you have a Harry situation and running back if Marlin MAC plays Jordan. Wilkins Wilkins was. Already up may play ripe, and he's a net play. If we le- agreed the only running back I would consider playing for the colts is if I'm in a PPO format, Nahim Hines who was heavily involved and I expect he'll be heavily involved even when with the return of Marla MAC because they want to use them as that passing down specialists that that takes a lot of. Belief. I mean, I, I realized he was involved that one game with where Marla MAC was there, but I'm not touching a single. That's fine. I'm fine going completely hands off. But if I have to pick one, that's the one I'm gonna pick no interest in MAC Wilkins, Heinz and Michael. Not from me. I want to see what the breakdown is of carries more than likely. They're not just going to, let's say they were going to have Marla MAC, be the true leader, you know, sixty five percent market share in that they're not gonna do that this week..

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