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Our requirements are below matter of Barbour jacket hello Matt Barbour jacket all that is there that there's no there's no compromise when it comes to that we changed our beloved after each client we are we we have our Max all may never come off as long as we're in that the the confines of the shop as well as you know we're making sure that our bathrooms are sanitized I shampoo bowls are sanitized between clients any sort of that could be passed by anybody we're making sure that that's the reason why down and sanitized completely completely and you ask me a question about a second ago what made me open well I would hope the two weeks then I'll go out and keep our mainland bottom on their support her appreciate her the stance that she had taken all everything about the whole situation and I made a trip to home depot and in home people with my love the mac phone in my hand sanitizer much well I'm looking around the store stacked up on by the Michael K. wait a minute it's okay to go home people okay Google colder but it's not okay hold a person have to come in and get a hair cut if we're taking the proper precautions to keep people safe as we possibly can and I thought about the fact that you know the government stimulus primary so that there were plans to obtain that went through my mind that led to me finally deciding when talking to my wife about it decided Hey look you know we gotta get back at it because we need to make a living because there's no support for us out here right now at this moment are you scared for your own safety are you clear so much is unknown about this rise SO that that's I mean is too much unknown what did you say those people said you might be taking a too big a risk Tony you you'd be it's just too dangerous you may be taking too big a risk here what I remember all I can do is do my research you know what I know and I'm afraid but my faith in god and go forward because one thing for sure and that my grandma used to say two things for certain I gotta make a living and I got support my family and this is all I've done for thirty two years and it is allowed you to do exactly that supports families make a living yes yes it has you too love to it avocation dad do been there it G. you're a breach so did surgically what did lose a from he's a bright they should also you know it comes straight down master barber Tony Roberts and he said he's open for business it's taken all the precautions told who's shown up so far we have a lot of you know regular clients and they've been they've been calling and coming and supported there careful when they come earlier it's only the two of you know you love them and myself in the barber shop and they come in and get their service in there they've been quite please we have not had anyone complain about anything but not all businesses welcomed back customers immediately ran a Duncan owner of creation salon studio a little bird told me why she chose to wait how has the pandemic and shutting down affected your business it's affected me tremendously and has a completely new clothes as well as some access there we wouldn't be working at this time so you know not working and having to close unexpectedly it was just really a change over the fact that we had to really assess him how long was your business shut down we've been closed since it was mandated so Arsanis our doors have literally been shut since March twenty eighth down roughly about four weeks I didn't wanna close early and then they become mandated I know I have some fellow salon owners around me that you know some of them voluntarily took a week prior to go ahead and shut down but for me before the pandemic leaders they want to close and then have to be out an extended period you know what I'm saying we don't want to be out of work even longer than what we had to we just make sure that we took the necessary precautions that would have been meeting before everything got really really bad what do you think of the governor's plan re opening businesses I think the governor's plan to re open it does really Kerr everyone off guard I think I left a lot of people wondering why he decided to open a week earlier than he initially stated and you know mentally a lot of people we were okay with the fact that it was gonna be open around may but when he just did it a week early especially without notifying anyone it is really took a lot of people off guard did you reopen on April twenty fourth I day in because literally a day or two after he re opened we end up having thought you feel weak it was announced by our Georgia state board of cosmetology that they put out new guidelines and rules that have to be put into place so that meant that I had to notify have time to notify my stance is welded notify my client I had to order supplies that would be needed as recommended by these new guidelines so it's a lot of things that we had to put in order to be able to ensure everyone safety so we couldn't reopen that fighting because we were had to follow these new rules balances or state board of directors would have been hard well I just need it personally I needed to write about what my next steps are going to be and how to come up with a plan to open safely so that's that's why that's why we didn't open net pricing what is your plan going forward our plan going forward is to only service our current clients for the month of may so that just means we're not open to the public or accepting walk ins were just taking care of the clients that we have been fired servicing you know in one that's already been calm says we have a couple clients that come every two weeks so we're just kind of slowly work in them back in and getting them into the book and then add their research closer to June we will re evaluate the situation and see where we are in what needs to be changed if anything needs to be changed at that time how have your clients responded during this time our clients have been very supportive I ended up creating a online store that actor reselling our products in them so they've been very supportive of that and a lot of them you know just voluntarily they didn't send in money without me even asking and that that is really caught me off guard because they know that if they're not in my chair that I'm not making money and so for them to understand that and just go ahead and send money to us it is really really touched my heart no there we are not in this alone and a lot of them were struggling you know in that email after he announced that we could reopen and some you know I have some that replied if there they just weren't ready to come back and we completely understand that decision I'm okay with that because again we're not trying to service everyone we just want to start off slow and make sure you know there were properly sanitizing between each client and making sure that there's not a lot of people in the salon in you know making sure everyone that walks through the door have often I'm mad so you know I'm we're we're completely okay with the ones that aren't ready to come back all of my style is well ready to come back so I was just I would really glad for everyone honesty you know is what the situation my client because they don't really open and honest with how they felt had they been struggling and you know we face time to help them with any questions that they had about their hairstyle we just really been there for each other my guest is little bird beauty salon owner ran a Duncan what do you hope we learn from this period I just really hope that we learn as a society that life is really precious and to not take anyone for granted and I know it's kind of cliche but it just really hit home when you've seen how many people have died in how many loved ones just couldn't be there for their cousin or their mom or their brother or their father you know who has passed away in the hospital and the market really goes out to everyone and I just really hope that we also learned that we are stronger as a nation we do things together the whole ricocheted effect of this day closing down at this time in our state only sat down for two weeks and then another state United really feel like if we were one nation unified in just went ahead and closed everything and usually it is really went them better so I just really hope that we learned that we are stronger when we do things together creation salon studio in little burn has been open since Friday and owner Reina Duncan says they are abiding by the rules as laid out by the state dining services restaurants was allowed to continue in Georgia's starting April twenty seventh this is a barbecue and seafood has been allowed for more than thirty five years vice president and director of operations tell Anthony said it was just too soon we know you've been in Atlanta since nineteen eighty three with a number of locations to first and foremost Hayley how has the corona virus pandemic affected your business greatly impacted every aspect of day to day operations decreased hours new sales to get used to and most importantly the people watching people go to go to this has been the most corporate how did you adjust when you're dining was closed immediately with social distancing we have a great team and this is it that put together an incredible plan was to remain open that I just want to thank each and every person for what they do but again we acted immediately with social distancing measures mask for employees which is everything that.

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