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It's not that that he's not but it's just he's taking on so much of the burden to make plays work but you're right sharing the burden of wing with the other side of the ball is is important and it's a it's a balanced team which is maybe why they will hang around longer than they did. Last season yours was wild to me about the cardinals. I was looking up something When i was writing about them that this afternoon after the four o'clock game. I said i wonder what happened to andy isabella right. That second round pick and remember you and i talked about this on the weak side podcast. There was that video inside the cardinals draft room. It just seemed like they freaked out because the person wanted got taken into their like any isabella and and it was so it seemed so perfectly encompassing of this marriage of a gm on his last legs in a college coach who been fired by texas tech the year before running an nfl team. You go. yeah this that's what this looks like and now like none of that matters. None of the learning curve mattered. None of the gigantic mistakes that they made seem to matter in his availa by the way is not played a snap this year. He was a healthy scratch They signed like eight other wide receivers to replace him and like but they've done this a lot in none of that seems to matter in like the jaguars hired arguably the most famous college football coach in history and he can't win a game in cliff kingsbury who was fired by the texas tech. Four zero with the cardinals. Like just nothing about this makes sense. And i love it. It's it's amazing. I think there's a little something to be said for. I mean look. We love jumping on people's mistakes I want to tear social betters. Any chance i get but the team that just won the super bowl has a gm who drafted a kicker in the second round draft jameis winston when everyone said oh james winston this will be jason lights legacy jason jameis. Winston works out. Yeah he'll be eleven and if he doesn't like he'll lose his job and yeah no he didn't work out. Change jason lee light one super bowl and i didn't even pronounce his name right like the first times air. So that tells you how well this is going to this point but yeah. I don't know this was This i think on basic cable channels. They will tell you this. This was a statement. Win for the cardinals. We don't really have that the nfl. They can't really right into the nfl. If they go nine and eight and say we made the statement in week four. Please allow us to join the postseason but This is a nice win. It gives them an upper hand indie. Nfc west going on the road and winning in los angeles. And i know they have something going here..

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