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Must be made by the political branches elected by an accountable to the people. The public should not expect courts to do so. And courts should not try. When the president offered me this nomination. I was deeply honored, but it was not a position I had sought out. And I thought carefully before accepting Judge Barat. You've been critical of Chief Justice Roberts for his 54 opinion upholding the law. Stating that Robert's quote, push the affordable care act beyond it's plausible meeting to save the statute, end quote. This well could mean that if Judge Barrett is confirmed American stand toe lose the benefit that the provide, so I hope you will clarify that. In this hearing. Barring any dramatic developments, Republicans appear to have the votes to confirm Barrett. The chance to cast ballots on the first day of in person. Early voting in Georgia saw thousands waiting for hours outside polling places. Eager voters waiting six or more hours in the former Republican stronghold of Cobb County lines, wrapping around buildings and solidly Democratic Cobb County, And they also turned down big numbers in north Georgia's Floyd County, where President Trump is very popular. Record turnout is expected for this year's election. Amid fears of Corona virus exposure. Election officials and advocacy groups have encouraged people to vote early. Meanwhile in California, the chief election's officer has ordered Republicans to remove unofficial ballot drop boxes set up in at least four counties. Secretary of State Alex Padilla said Monday. The boxes are illegal, but Republicans refused to remove them. They said they were just taking advantage of the liberal ballot collection law in California that allows anyone to collect ballots from voters and deliver them to a county election offices. Pretty is office and Republicans a cease and desist letter ordering them to remove them by Thursday, and the attorney general threatened to prosecute. Solid gains for a tech pushing Wall Street higher Monday, attacking Mohr gains on the last week's rally. The 1% 1.6% arise there Big tech, including Apple, Amazon. Of course, those businesses have been thriving despite the pandemic this week, also marking the start of earnings that season, when CEOs will detail how their company's fared from July through September, the Dow climbing up to 50 investors appeared to largely shrugged off of the latest signs that Democrats and Republicans remain far apart on more aid for the economy. The holdup coming with the election just Weeks away, and a historically high unemployment rate. Arkansasgovernor Asia, Hutchinson, telling CNBC, his state needs stimulus, splitting hairs between his state surplus and the inability to pay Unemployment. Was not as much as the state needs additional aid as the those that are unemployed. Some are small businesses that have been struggling under economic restrictions. That's where the assistance is needed. And so In Arkansas. While our economy is better than most, we never shut down completely. We our unemployment rate is lower than the national average. We're still dependent upon a national economy. And so if other states are struggling, their economy is not recovering. It hurts us over the long term here in Arkansas, so, yes, we need a stimulus package that is important for our state for those that need to have this carry over until they get their jobs back. Small businesses that are heard the hospitality industry particularly has struggled because of the restrictions. And so that's what we need a stimulus package for in terms of the state itself. We have a balanced budget. We're going to continue to have a balanced budget. Every state's a little different situation. The states do need relief, but that's not as important as it is, for the individuals and for the small businesses that need that assistant Nationwide the unemployment rate stands. A 7.9% deok Tober jobs report will be published. On the Friday following the election. Other current virus pandemic has hit box office revenue by closing many theaters that as.

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