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I'm from England business so once gaping budget hole for the state, apparently not looking as bad as previously thought. That's good news. Early estimates suggesting tax collections this fiscal year would miss the mark by as much as $6 billion. But upon further review, it looks more like now about $1.6 billion Research from Tufts University says it's a great picture to paint, but officials say it's within the realm of possibility that federal cash could bridge that gap. Meantime, three counties in Massachusetts among the healthiest nationwide annual ranking from U. S News and World Report putting Duke's county home to Martha's Vineyard, Nantucket and Norfolk County. All three among the healthiest the top 75 in the list of 500. This annual ranking, taking education, environmental and economic factors into account. By that measure, Los Alamos County in New Mexico is number one. 7 26. Let's talk all things Halloween feels like fall out there. At least it might not for the next couple of days, But we are getting into that season and you have to think ahead and think well, with the pandemic. What are we going to Dio? Trick or treating and parties, many of them on hold. But at least the moon will be a little extra spooky. I'm Deborah Rodriguez. It's something that rarely happens. A Blue moon on Halloween. It's part of a double feature with the first full moon October 1st, the second on the 31st. Neither will actually be blue. Unless you use a blue camera filter or photo shop. It's the term used to describe the second full moon in a month, and the next time that happens won't be until 2039. The CDC putting out guidance now for Halloween, recommends no door to door trick or treating. No costume parties. No masks again. You can wear a regular mask. Just not a costume mask. They want you to avoid hay rides with strangers. They say that could spread the virus. Now. Low risk activities include carving pumpkins at your home decorating outside, making it especially spooky this year scavenger hunts outside. Virtual costume contests, maybe on zoom, hosting a movie night outside with household members, projecting it on a screen perhaps is a moderate risk. Things include exchanging goody bags placed at the end of the driveway. Or you could consider an outdoor costume party where people social distance and wear a mask. They say. One thing you definitely should not do is scream as that could spread the virus. My name's Courtney Little. So when I started nutrition and Whole House solutions, I just wanted to save the world. To be completely honest. I knew nothing about running a bit. Snus. I knew nothing about insurance, The things that I need to do to protect my baby..

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