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While Kim was wrapping up We Alex Haber were halfway home here in today's consumers Energy for 100. That doesn't necessarily come into play Jeff because it's an absolutely beautiful Central Michigan Day here in the Irish feels few puffy white clouds overhead much warmer today than it was. Yesterday. We heard our turn reporters Dave Moody and Kyle Ricky. Talk about that already heard some of the drivers mentioned that as well in the pre race to both Winston Kelly and Kim Moon, but beautiful day for racing here in Michigan with three to go on Stage two. It's like this year around here, really? No, we'll take it while we have it. Dave Moody. We're looking at a couple of cars. One in particular. He's a young rookie. He's driving for a team that just this past week. We found out they would not be coming back. Levine family racing, the Toyota Talkingabout the driver, Christopher Bell. They had a solid day here yesterday there, backing it up and then some here this afternoon, they really are Jeff and really about the first words out of Christopher Bell's mouth. When the announcement was made five Bob Levine last week that this would be his final season as an owner, first work, Christopher Bell's mouth work. We want to take Bob Victory Lane before this season has done. He's got a really good shot. That here this afternoon. He's run solidly in the top five. But to the way has a very, very good race cars. He absolutely does being positioned in the fourth spot at the moment, just in front of Clint Boyer, who runs race leader Kevin Harvick past the line two laps to go now, here in stage number two. Our vic is in turn one day. Then he's just on an absolute Sunday drive. Kevin Harvick right now comes past us at the exit of turn to Brad Lawsky is midway at the apex of the turn. A huge lead More than half the backstretch for Kevin Harvick battle for second beginning tighten up just a bit, but it is well behind Ray's later Kevin Harvick already in that battle for second, Brad in that position. I'll bust a couple of car lights back in third. Well, here he comes. He knows he's got one more lap to go. And then he will see that green and white checkered flag dominating here in stage number two. Kevin Harvick. One more time in turn number one Harry comes into turn number one. He has the option of dealing with the LAPD car or two if he chooses to do, but he doesn't really have to hell. Just Oh, the Michael McDowell machine is turned to cars just in front of Kevin Harvick as he makes his way up the back straightaway into turn number three. The battle for second contains Titan piled outside of Brad Kozlowski. That is all well behind Kevin Hart, who is already up off of turn number four to the line. We'll see. The green and white checkered flag and Kevin Harvick will pick up the stage to win valuable stage points on the line for the top 10 finishers. Harvick wins stage to Brad Keselowski second Kyle Busch. Third Christopher Belfour, Clint Boyer edges out Denny Hamlin by a few feet to take fifth. Hamlin is six.

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