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Oh, not really caught off guard here. Was. No worries. Listen up put you back on hold you hang in there. And we'll get to during the open lines, which is fast approaching in the meantime, let's say hi to Jaffa in grass valley, California. Thank god. Yes. I can't believe the guest. You have tonight is so amazing. This is so amazing. What I want to be able to comment on is that I believe we came born into this world to be able to access these DM experiences that Taoist masters have pop this to us master montoc Chia Taoist master in one of his books explains it which I found by accident, but I've done EMT hundreds of times and LSD thousands of times before I found out about this information that you're able to actually access to experience through putting a person in a completely dark environment for four days. What happened is that through the absence of light in the in the the where in the pineal gland word morally produces serotonin once it stays, the it normally goes to Sarah. Raton and then to melatonin when is don't receive light Jackson. We're just about out of time. So let me get Dr Davis in here to talk about sensory deprivation and Keith experience, we've got about a minute. Yes, Anything that's extreme that that affects essentially systems like lack of stimulation 'cause some kid chaotic activity in brain brain likes and naturally fill in the gaps. Try to make sense of reality that bring tries to make sense of an absence of information and bus the possibility of a higher incidence of allusions or hallucinations. That's that's not unusual. But it is brain derived, at least, that's it's likely that it is. But I don't you know. Individuals that question I'd love to ask you many clashes. I'm sure the audience would also like the menu jerks. We don't have time obviously that would help to complement some of the things I'm referring to I've never taken to see those that have however can can make much more useful. Provide more useful information about its impact on behavior what they are actually experiencing this research needs to go trying to understand that the actual the triumphant semantic relationships between the MTA induce experiences. And and he's in obese Dr Davis if someone wanted to get a hold of you and discuss their experiences with the MTA, for example. How would they do that? A message on my website, Bob Davis, speaks dot com. Bob Davis speaks dot com. Yes..

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