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For us, congratulations we're having twins so blessed or whatever. And I it was forty. I left it for awhile and I forgot. Explain how? You found out that was on the computer. was talking to meet the studio was asked me something. DUBS calls. When Thomas Yeah storming it was it was all hey, what can we get for free? and. Nothing at this point. But. me goes hey, you're having twins. I. opened the doors like. Great Chris. Scurry off my machine. So my wife put a disclaimer out on her face. Thing we are not having twins bank you. Now that I think about it because we were just off the air talking about is I should have done that thing we did to crissy's here where got like. The baby scan of. Yeah what is it called the? Ultrasound and you put it up. Oh, man. So excited make it even more legit. Yeah. And how many people in our inner circle where congratulate you have people from Atlanta? People from Sacramento back. I had cousins that I don't even talk to send messages. Have you guys are. Fixed right I mean it could happen. Isn't it funny out by the way they call it fixed. Because, having kids is broken. I don't. I'm so. Happy. I could fix that mega where you can't have these little bastards again I mean. It could happen again, I would have to be near her town. Mexican. Room. Our phone number is five, win three, eight, one, three, seven, nine, seven, nine, will usually it's a you know whatever there's a facebook open or something like that. We'd right like Oh, I love. You. Yeah. Something like that and it's A response from this was crazy. I mean, probably eighty comments saying thank you for your congratulations. It was because after you busted bigger, leave it up. Completely forgot about. Did you. Why do you guys do that? She just wrote ha ha? I wish. A Justin you're on the air. I love you Chris Levy to Justin. Great Call Right. Now. Prefer May. Hold on. Country jets calling in from the sober house like promised, right Several how? To help. How But you said. I went to the interview I didn't tell going have to argue or. What are they gonNA call you did you. May told me when I don't get in. The whole point is over all we know you gotta go to Rehab. I didn't go to a sober house, a sober houses where he sustained sobriety. But I've been working on new song and it's called the work today listen wait wait. Let me say you were done with country music and you wanted to be a sports broadcaster. Yeah. But WWL, W won't answer the phone for me. You tried. You shot over there, seven hundred wwl w because they just anybody on the radio and and COPAN. I've been on there you know. But I'm saying a in the studio because you know probably let you in. Yeah. Because anything keeps drudge in back in all the old guys from that were popular in nineteen ninety that were fired. When you're fired from a radio station, your walked out and you're not allowed back in you get a key cardinal at stuff and then with Kobe, we're not allowed to have guests but they just go. Wild Man and the producer guy what does everybody back in but the good memory lane you need this guy yeah. Right. Come on in how how do they get time off from their morning show to come in and do another show then. It's all about making. Did you guys have fireworks when hours in gale? Yes. I didn't know because it does it I didn't know they canceled in wbz fireworks or not whether dubbing fireworks I don't know if they have them. But the WB N. fireworks we wanted to we wanted to wait for you jeff because you were in jail and let you didn't you have a is it like your jail mandate that you have to go to. Your probation have to go to. Rehab or something like that. Yeah. Formation of school we know knows that I. Could drink. Pro Beijing. Is Terrible team. Do whatever it was just. He just said you're not walk with open containers on the street again. Yeah. This sounds like a real good one. So basically, your dreams already failed right? No sports casting no sports. No I'm still going to do sports casting, but I got to wait. For what. I gotTA. Wait. We're this Kovic stopped and I'm I'm hoping the very thing is everything is going to end before covert. Even the bengals go out of business. Went. into Sunday that'd be better off getting You know have an escape they already flexed the steelers game two four o'clock and that's in like a month something like that. Yeah still soft though. They lost the game. You are the worse sportscaster ever. Gets why would you even put that game on TV I mean nobody likes watch a snuff film? No. Because, I'm GonNa know tell what else is there. Not. Okay man we.

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