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To nassau right yeah she issue with food fifty of sorts out for you david law name problem is only questions you've had so phone these program a problem with the equipment yep mon is with me account see to use the equipment it's anything on the law it's gonna be voice activated allow me to have a mobile phone yeah about even ago he didn't magog doesn't turn up i'm stranded yeah no absolutely there is so there are two ways that you can go with mobile phones if you've got a visual impairment one is to get a very simple phone with you know when you know the buttons are well lay down use the better solution now in my in my opinion is to go the other way into guess malt phone which has got was called excess ability options those are settings can be set up for you where you can actually use everything on the mobile phone by voice and by by hearing say you can numbers my voice i do that on my mobile phone just for convenience i said no vailable for call us in the high income didn't know whether they would available no standalone toes apple iphones and other manufactures phones that run the android operating system have these abilities and very good so so i i went say the trigger word but you say certain word and then you say says alone seven thirty am and it will confirm with the voice that set the alarm and that's out.

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