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Forced his way into the home, assaulted his ex wife and took off with their child Leave. I leave a is dad, Isaac Pew tested positive for meth last week, and since that time I have denied contact. Police initially believed that Pew was headed to Mexico. He's now been taken into custody. Cat bonds I, er Kayla of news. First day on the job is in the books for New Dallas Police chief Eddie Garcia Garcia began his first day on the job with a simple tweet reading. Let's roll. Dallas Police Association president Mike Models, says the chief plans to write out on patrol and work side by side with the rank and file, which he believes has already boosted morale because it shows he's willing to do the same job that he asked us to do, and that's been a huge, huge problem that we've had in the past. Garcia comes to Dallas from San Jose. California He's the department's first ever Latino police chief Clayton Level K. L I F New. So what I was getting as 10 minutes after seven o'clock, we'll take a break and come back with Cliff notes and just a bit while I was getting that was that was a month or a little more than a month ago, and I signed up Tonto registered for coded vaccines. And then I finally got on got several lists, and I've got my shot today from Parkland, right? But at the time, I also go to the column county list. Then, just yesterday, your name came up. My name came up in Collin County, and I got a letter from them an email saying, OK, now you're going to hear from the city of McKinney. They passed you off to the city of McKinney, and that's what they're doing in some, In some instances, they're passing you off. But there are other locations that they're just having their own registrations. And Frisco is one of them. I see. And by the way, If you're on one of those lists, check your email frequently. I know a lot of people that very rarely your spam to look at the email. That's right. Look, go looking for that stuff because I got the notification from the city of McKinney last night that I could I could register. To get a shot to day. Or tomorrow and I looked at it and they were already filled up. Yeah, And also when you get your shot, take your name off the list, but I wouldn't do it until you know you've gotten your shot. Right? Kayla, have news time is 7 11. Let's get a business update now from network Radio Spencer McGowan. Morning, Spencer. Good morning. Amy, West Texas Intermediate Crude acts like it wants to go even higher. 56 12 a barrel this morning up 43 cents. The Dow's up 30 points and the S and P. 500 NASDAQ up about a quarter of a percent to start the day 174,000 new private payroll jobs. That's what ADP estimates job growth resuming in January, we'll get the rest of the figures at the end of the week. Dallas Fed President Robert Caplan speaks tomorrow on the Texas economy. I'm Spencer McGowan president McGowan Group. Net worth radio dot com. Project sign makes it easy for.

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