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Was struck by a car and killed in Gaithersburg this morning. This happened right by the train station at east diamond, nab anew. And south summit street. There were early reports the driver took off but later returned to the scene. Detectives are working to ascertain all the facts and circumstances surrounding but that aspect is currently undetermined and being investigated. Captain, Tom Jordan with Montgomery County. Police says no trains were involved. But the crash was so close to the tracks. They had to block rail service while they cleared the scene. Maryland commuter trains were delayed for more than an hour. But they are now moving once again, it's another terrible traffic Tuesday, the trips out of town for thanksgiving peak today, it's expected to be a record year for thanksgiving travel, which means a lot of people will be going nowhere fast today. The good news is construction being halted for holiday. Charlie Gessler is a Maryland state highways. So what we do is. We suspend any non emergency road construction. Meaning going beyond something happening on the road that requires us to be there, we can still work behind barrier wall. But we just don't work close any lane as we approach that time of the busy thanksgiving travel. Prime travel. Time is expected to be this afternoon relief on wwl and wwl dot com. Fairfax county your tax dollars are paying for a pension program that allows county workers to retire as young as fifty five and to collect extra supplement pay until those employees are old enough to collect social security. Lawmakers are considering a plan to cut back those perks, but they want to hear from you. I think a majority of this package will be adopted by the board a lot of it depends on the turnout. We have at the public hearing today. Republicans supervisor Pat Herod he says current employees would not face the cuts, but he expects them to be out protesting. Anyway, the hearing starts at four thirty this afternoon. Dc ended up pledging to a billion dollars in tax incentives to bring Amazon second headquarters here the largest package ever put together by the city for a single employer. But. That pales to the eight point five billion pledged in Maryland's losing bid. It's clear Amazon had its head. It's I on crystal city Virginia's bid for a half size H Q two came in at around eight hundred million in tax and transportation perks, plus a billion dollar Virginia Tech campus within walking distance of Amazon. DC lawmakers are trying get tiptoe through the political implications of placing small residential cell towers needed for five G cell service. The FCC currently prohibits blocking cell towers due to health concerns. CC's ruling gives the federal government the power in effect to decide how these local issues will play out and the district is hemmed in considerably councilmember. Mary Kay during a public hearing on the residential cell towers, Dr Deborah Davis cited a study that exposed animals to cell phone radiation. They found that those animals developed a significant malignant cancers Montgomery County, which faces similar issues is suing the FCC to reexamine the health effects of five G window. AL dot com. Virginia wants to impose a sales tax on everything you buy online. But the state now says it will not be as lucrative as originally thought. Tax officials now say those levees would bring in one hundred sixty five million dollars a year down from an earlier estimate of two hundred fifty million one reason for the drop some retailers have already started collecting those taxes voluntarily after the supreme court cleared the way for the tax collection last summer checking your money. The Dow opens today at twenty five thousand seventeen the NASDAQ at seventy Twenty-eight up next, traffic and weather on one five point nine FM and AM six thirty WMA L. Let's be.

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