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The sun never shown on the beaches of Airy Ma but she didn't mind she liked the rain she flipped the tip of her speckled snake's tail as she watched her son jumping into puddles and sending up waves of sandy water. It kidneys started to call out to him. When she noticed figure emerging from the mist she ran her hands nervously through her long blonde hair. If it wasn't her husband Typhon than it was a god and God's only ever visited when they wanted something and they rarely took no for an answer. The figure came closer it was a woman with Pale skin and thick dark curls. Knows shuddered percents any queen of the underworld that goddess was a beautiful monster. As percents, any approached the cave it kidneys son ran to greet her percents any smiled and padded the boy on the head. She stepped into the Cave and seemed ready to spout some sort of pleasant greeting but a kidnap cut her off. What do you want? Percents. Any smiled sweetly and replied. My dear friend I've come with a proposition the gods on Olympus heard that you were gifted with another child they're anxious to know your plans for him. Knows face flushed her tail twitched back and forth as she replied coldly. My plans are to keep him here with me where he belongs. Per Seventy smiled again though this time it was less sweet. From one mother to another I. Assure you giving him up is what's best he's small now but if he's anything like his father, he'll soon be larger than either of us. Don't view it as him being taken from you see it as him being given a duty were he can be of use to everyone. She glanced at Cerberus a kidney wondered what percents any saw when she looked at her son true. His tail was a snake. He had three heads and the hair around his head was writhing with even more snakes but to her. Just. A puppy. All she saw when she looked at him was love. Per Seventy continued your last one was taken from you as well. Wasn't he or this was it you must have known we would not allow you to keep another monster. Tears pricked at a kidney is as she ran her hands through services writhing for she looked at. Me and asked what if I say? No. perceptually side heavily, the gods sent me here to convince you peacefully. But if you won't agree Zeus has ways of making you cooperate. It no looked into her son's is he put one of his noses up to her face and he gave her a gentle lick on the Chen. It kidnapped felt like an enormous hole was forming inside her chest. Would he miss her would he cry and whine like he did when she went out to hunt for them after years had passed? Would he forget her face? It kid turn to percents any and asked if she could at least say goodbye process any bowed and stepped out of the cave giving her a moment of privacy a kidney kissed each of her sons, heads and whispered. Go with the lady be faithful and loyal do what you are told. It kidnapped held cerberus close and breathed in the center of his for when she saw his tail wagging she had to look away. He didn't understand.

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