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Becky Lynch, Charlotte, Lacey Evans discussed on The Rack Radio Show


We were all right. Fair enough next next. We have he first of two defenses for the man, Becky Lynch where the smackdown titles on the line. Sh she has a match with Charlotte. And again, it's gonna be really interesting where this match falls on the card is wholesome Lacey Evans. If this is first or second, I feel like I feel like you get this out of the way. I we've seen it enough times, we don't need to see it again. Really? I mean. Amount post to it. I'm never gonna complain with these two but I just feel like they're the, the woman's Lacey's better opportunity to have a longer match Becky needs to be on raw in theory. She needs to keep the wrong women's championship. There's that whole wildcard thing and whatever, but she needs to be on losing the belt to Charlotte one. It be the. It wouldn't be the worst idea internet freak out on my trello wins another championship got hate. But what if Lacey costs, Becky title leading to more drama making Beckenham underdog in the match against Lacey and you the matches back toback because Lacey the man's funding Becky then 'cause she's hurt she's more down. She wants her now. You mean. Where he gives Lacey. The chance to be dominant have a chance. But also at the end come up short even belt on Becky. I can see them doing that. But I can also see them, not wanting Charlotte, be Becky I feel like Becky is he strongest female star? They have right now. She's one of the top stars in the company taking gender completely out of this. And so it was a huge accomplishment for her to win both titles in the have both titles, like she beat Charlotte flair and Ron Rowzee at wrestlemainia. This is the, the paper v right after wrestlemainia. And I just feel like having her lose to Charlotte just is not going to do is not going to do what they want it to do. Right. Because I feel like people would riot if Charlotte one again because it's like, oh, God not again, Charlotte, Charlotte's champion. But some point smackdown these its own that and Becky, can you shouldn't have to work one. Show. Oh, I completely agree with that one hundred percent..

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Becky Lynch, Charlotte, Lacey Evans discussed on The Rack Radio Show

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