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Usually start power down and read a little bit and go to bed. You said midnight when you pilot down. Oh you guys okay. Let's let's get right to and everybody your let's get right to it. Tell us first of all i. What is an avatar. Not the movie that the movie right is people who do not know what that is. First of all assure. Okay so these way to explain that an avatar is essentially the these sort of customer that you want to sell to in the most basic sense right What i'm going to be talking about today is essentially you creating that and i know there's probably many of you Listeners out there. That are like okay. Yeah i've heard about this. You know or maybe you think you even created one. But i wanna challenge you to revisit it because there are two big problems. I normally see the first being that when it comes to an avatar By the way is that noise too. Bothersome pio okay. I just wanna make sure could be low so the first being that you go to shallow so in other words if you are creating your avatar this person that you're selling to and you go to shallow. You might just be saying. Like i wanna talk to everybody. I wanna serve everybody. I want to help everyone in their different nations. And then you can go to deep where you're giving your nehring down search so much that it's not beneficial and it can just be more time consuming than anything so. Let me give you an analogy here. So we're talking about like Dating as an example right the primary one too shallow is like i wanna marry or date for In this particular circumstance literally anybody anybody who is you know. Eighteen to to to eighty five. I don't care let's go out. That is not beneficial to you. Especially if you're trying to find that one person you'd if that's what you're putting on your dating profile or that's what you're doing when you're walking in the club and you're just like literally anybody who's interested in me in me. Let's go out. It's probably going to work out for might be a bad example to you. Went to there you go right go right ahead yeah And then there's the other side to it where it's like it's too deep where you're like. Okay i'm only interested in guys or girls or whatever you know that are thirty to thirty one. And they only shop on whole foods on thursdays and they only drive yellow maserati. Something like that is so specific. That is actually very problematic. Because then you narrow down your search so much that it's just impossible to find somebody that to to serve in that. In that way right there was some benefit to that because you can now think about income level if they're driving new maserati Can think that. Hey they shop at whole foods so they might have some some of the same common belief systems..

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