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If this an isolating quality to the fog whether natural or manmade inclines howlers work ingram marshall chooses to recognize another faucet of it a contemporary classical composer based in the bay area he's long used the fog and the dampening of the atmosphere that it brings with it as a source of inspiration his notable set of fog tropes compositions play with the silence of fog horns in the mist at once lonely and a source of reassurance as the waves beneath the golden gate bridge rollcall it'll fishing boat in the falk the captain revs up the engine once again and we begin heading back tonight but as we turn a fiqah emergence through the vein of the mixed accounts efa coughing and low through the way youths dragged by the breeze out of the gray and towards the sunlight on the other side of the bridge the fog in san francisco it seems is never once kept for long oh thanks to tomas lewis for today's episode to hear the full version of the urban est make sure you tune into the program today at 1900s london time or download it wherever you get your podcasts and that's all for this edition of the briefing it was produced by reese james unresearched by guy alerts and sephiha almahdi our studio manager was george madonna the briefings back tomorrow at the same time join andrew mullah former dory house live at 1800 here in london that's 1300 in new york i metal lagat thanks very much for listening and goodbye.

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