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To is academy awardwinning film so i'm reading before i go on the early i'm looking for stories and this is what i found giant holes or popping up all over the frigid tundra of northern russia siberia now the siberian times not perhaps the equivalent of the new york times but nonetheless a reputable newspaper reports that witnesses are now describing explosive events that may be connected to the appearance of these mr is craters now it turns out that it appears that this may have a direct relationship to global warming and you might ask why the holes may come from this climate change scientific american reports that arctic zones are warming at a break neck pace and the summer of two thousand fourteen was warmer than the average by an alarming nine degrees fahrenheit this is not from a disreputable sources from scientific america as a result scientists at noah think that permafrost the permanently frozen ground that covers the tundra is starting to fall in these warmer temperatures so i had a question i i don't i didn't know the answer how this frozen methane blow a one hundred foot wide hold on the ground so i went back to my computer i took a look give him low enough temperatures on high enough pressure methane and water can freeze together into what's called a methane hydrates out permafrost he's everything banged up but when it thaws so does the hide rate methane is released as a gas building a pressure until the ground explodes at and that explains why it appears that there are these explosions taking place oversight area now i want you to know that i i did more researcher because i was curious i.

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