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President Duterte. Say at a speech last week, bringing up not only king Philip, but Magellan the first European explorer too. Ever reach the islands detective says we need to erase the influence of these idiots and renamed the Philippines to the Republic of Mahardhika the Republic of martyrs because Marley and me. On. It means be guns available serenity. Mahara is an old old word originating in sanskrit, and then used in the Mullaly language, which was spoken in the Asian tropics long before the Europeans came I called the Filipina historian who specializes in the colonial era, and I asked for her gut reaction to this proposed name change. I don't think every day Filipinos think of their problems as being rooted in the colonial past Deirdre de LA Cruz is an associate professor at the university of Michigan allies way. Most Filipinos have a lot more to worry about than being haunted by the ghost of Philip such as do taste war on drugs, which is killed by some estimates. More than twenty thousand people piling problems on top of a nation already troubled by corruption poverty and fierce typhoons now axing the name Philippines for the Republic of Mahabharata. That idea was I pushed by Ferdinand Marcos the US back. Dictator who is added by his people back in the nineteen eighties. But they let crews says Mahardhika is often mistranslated the way that Detaille and Marcos are invoking Mahardhika is wrong deter taste says it means serenity Marcos said it referred to an ancient cast of royalty. Basically anytime leaders want to evoke some pristine pre colonial past they often reach for this word Mahar Mahardhika, but it's actually a term that used to describe Freeman somebody who is not indentured. So the glorification of the word and its association with some grand down is over exaggerated. There were really impressive societies on these islands some with complex writing and trading routes that ran all the way to Japan and China, but LA Cruz says you can't look back to anyone unspoiled kingdom that can now represent all the peoples of the Philippines. Because there was no Philippines back. Then it was just a lot of neighboring islands. It was the Spanish empire that fused many many people's together under a common identity. So daily crews wonders what's this proposal really about why do a thorough -tarian leaders have to reach into a precolonial, Pat. Like, what's the why why is there always this interest in creating this mythical past her best guests blaming colonial tyranny? Colonial tyranny distant past is a convenient way to absolve oneself any accountability. For the present accountability is really not do tastes thing. Those who condemn his policies like lawmakers and journalists they keep getting locked up and ask for what to call the country. Well, details administration says congress might just hold a referendum and. Let the people choose for the world. Patrick win..

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