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Yeah thing outline and you go over the different styles. The people have a type d style type style. Could you go over some of that with us. Yeah absolutely so that is based off of the wiley of everything disc suite of products. So the d. style is the dominant style dominance as in action oriented. Just like if they had a What do you call it a mantra or a tagline. It would say just do it. Kinda like nike right just to make it happen. Let's go board and then someone who's an influencing style. Which is the i there about. Yeah let's do it. They're action oriented but they let's do it with people and then those two styles are the styles that are sometimes too you could say well those are extroverted styles. So maybe but it's also that they're ones that stay when they're in the workplace or even outside of the workplace. Let's get things done. Let's get it done quickly. And let's get it done with others. where's the other two styles. The s style which is the steadiness style is more around the l. Let's get it done but let's do it with harmony. Let's all get along together. Let's make sure that we're it's more more of an accommodating style and it's more of a style that needs more detail and then you're see style. Which is your conscientious style. As someone who really wants all the details they want all the ts crossed and the is dotted and they want it in a systematic their their use terms like accuracy and quality are real important. And so you need all four styles. If we're talking about in the workplace you absolutely need those four different perspectives. That challenge is and i'll save us on a high. So i'm a high influence sir. My biggest challenge is when i have to work with someone who's a c. Conscientious style because we bulkheads and we bulkheads because i'm this eternal optimist that says. Yeah let's just do it. Let's make it happen and this these conscientious style is saying. Oh.

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