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Doc rivers used to do us when we play samkah sale because he was about fake your guys jump all the side worked tricky down i mean i mean guys are really thinking about that when they're on the court are they amazing mazing i missed that only donovan it's back down great you probably ended a budget but did you notice the reactions in media road tim mcmahon or macmahon have some decorum have some some professional responsibility this look at it stone face like you see before i dunk no i jumped out of my seat when his hat very impressive ship pal show hang right yeah absolutely doing that kid is a pro i think maybe we're not start checking his birth to fit or something all right man this is make hollywood i was so excited to tracy mcgrady because we found out audition for the part of jesus shuttle then he got game i did i walked in there with my suit on you know taylor nice and denzel was sitting there so i had a script the re right so i was reading this route with denzel and this guy goes off the script so i'm looking that's not on him so he just thought it's offering me without re schooled adlibbed so he he went to live in house law some like okay well i guess i gotta catch on quick but now's a great experience i have fun doing it when the movie came out and rally has the part where you thinking that kind of immediate you like.

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