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Going for the eagles fourteen of 21 ninety yards at halftime thirteen to three jets over the eagles as if he thank you very much gag takeover now for the first time for the second half they carter twenty three yard line harasses the running back westbrook and win the two receivers to either side too tight end said allen is under center dropping to throw looks left now that's alex alice one of the too tight ends he's got it well underneath wrote to the left side and the left flat got it out of the thirty one yard line be a gain of eight second down into her jacksonville nice quick throw their barbara an analogy kind of kind of double clutched it the wanted to throw the law earlier than had to wait just a second per alex alyssa get his head turnaround good job of not trying to be a little too anxious and to soothe the world second now now into under center again and a too tight that receivers to either side for allen hands off to harassed running civil outside broke attack owns going to have a firstdown was hit in the back build broker tackle near the far sidelined and that will give you enough for the first down first down jacksonville out to the thirty four yard line it's a nice job without without side looks like he's going to be pulled down short of the first down by one of the backup linebackers dos qian's do you keep those legs journey run throw it picks up the first down bunge formation to the right now jaguar scrimmage from their own 34 yard line seven enough him jackson believed that are only moment of the second half here in atlanta drop life and lots of room for harris out the forty our live that's going to be close to another first down needed to get it to the 44 yes he did a 10yard gained purdue on hareth at a firstdown dawn hair so jaguar fans good war that name sound familiar he was an undrafted rookie from troy that the jaguar signed when he first came out of college and they liked the on and off the practice squad and he.

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