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You know at first believing of anyway in the series finale. ALF gets a call from his girlfriend. Rhonda and I don't remember what what Rhonda's with his. He had a buddy. Anna girlfriend, who were still like survived the explosion on Mailman And basically they said. Yeah, we! We have one chance to come get your. We're GONNA. Come. Get You tomorrow night. One of the weird things is. The parents are like so excited that Alpha's leaving. You'd think after a few seasons they have you know a fall in love with. Alpha made him part of the family while they tolerate him. They are very excited. particularly. The MOM is so site for right, not a lot of growth on the show. This the sun is not happy, and the daughter is lukewarm. I think they had some. They butted heads a few times, but she likes ultimately. So anyway, a spoiler alert for the series finale of Al they did not know would be the series finale. They thought it would come back fifth season, so it ends on to be continued, but Alf they drive out to like an abandoned parking lot outside La, and the spaceship starts coming down, and then the feds come. They roll up like ten cars deep. and Alf is is basically taken away as the series ends Oh my God, and it's to be continued. See figure. He's going to break out, but they never got to let us know so then six years later I think he does break out of. On Alpha, movie or whatever it's called. The expression innocent until proven. Where'd you get this stuff? soundboard. From this episode no from I did not build an Alpha soundboard the existing out soundboard. A WHO yes, so Alpha ends on a very dark note Alf. Yeah it starts with him crashing into the garage, like and and you know they sort of immediately. To him and they're fine. It's outfits like he speaks fluent English he's sort of like smart enough to know what's going on, but like his spelling is bad, you know he has a lot like malapropisms and like. Thinks thing you know is wrong about certain things, but he's ultimately pretty smart. I guess ultimately the ideas like he's likable so therefore. Nobody else has to be likable. Didn't want an oracle like some of the pop out and be more popular than the yeah I now i. feel like that Alf living your house would not be worst. Case scenario first off at can have a podcast that nobody would know what he looks like. You could just start his own podcast. Do his own. And Yeah. He's GonNa, probably eat you out of house and home. Sure that's the thing but overall you know he seems to. Get along good with the kids. One of the main one of the main themes I see from like my our reading the wikipedia pages for ALF is. He does like them out of House and home right lane he does. He does cost a lot of money because he eats so much because eight stomachs, and it's expensive like one episode he takes up a paper or it gets ten different paper routes to make some money, but like yeah, they do. They don't like the fact that like they. They use their whole college their daughters old golic. Golic fun just to feed out. That was a tension I also feel like that. Alf has like aspirations of breaking into the entertainment industry like this is like a Lotta. Pictures of Al holding a microphone I. See like a different like screw thumbnails of like different episodes with like Ed McMahon of like Alf, trying to get on the tonight, show or Alpha. Sort of like a late night. Talk show host so I think that was sort of like a head of his time with being like the amateur podcast here. Yeah, that's a good call. PODCAST would work for him I do think like he could have been an influence her if he just been able to post stuff, but like not say where he was. Could have been like like sort of an anonymous alien. He would have had a lot of a lot of fouls. Probably an instagram. Yeah Yeah. Real deadpan sense of humor. Alf also yeah Alf selling flat Tommy tee for eight different stomachs. A flat tovey no problem. Yeah so I was a little before his time. That's why I do think he. He should come back out alpha's ready for combat. I think they've tried to bring Alf. Tried and flopped right away. Don't know why I don't know if you need the guy who the voice i. don't know what his deal is if he's still with us, Abe's if isn't that the costume is bad. Is that like we'll? Solid. I think it's like. Good I think it's fine. Yeah, I, don't know Yeah I feel like that Alf. It's a it's a timeless story. the story of someone coming to this country trying to make make something happen. I gotta be away. Maybe we could figure it out as we go along here, but. It's also like I, had the show on, and I didn't even realize my sons had walked into the room and we're watching behind me and they were transfixed my 401k watch more very interested in what else was doing could not care less when the humans were on a screen. Oh No, yeah, but that's I think. The grownups felt that way, too. Yeah I think everybody but. Alpha is also involved in younger son. Brian has a school project. Also, that is working with him on. He is like a recital and ALF is working with him on rehearsing.

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