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That's eight hundred seven three two nine hundred six thirty five. You're listening to wrestling observer. Life with bryan alvarez on the sports byline broadcasting network job right alvarez here wrestling observer. Live a mike zimmer. Bb also wrestling and dot com. We'll go to the phones here in a while and this person says the text message. Sonia said quote if you think you deserve a spot prove it. She didn't say it was for a spot. Well bro jud ray. Your dot com. Deville told live she would have to earn her way into the money in the bank ladder. Match by defeating carmella. How how else could i interpret that. How else could the guy that works for me. Dot com interpret that. Is there an asterix next to it. No there's no asterisks it's just wacky And the other day. I mean slot wrong. Who cares but like i mean come on. Let's get this thing they should. They should care by the way once. You bring the substance. Some people had asked for it so we have our Twitch homeys and we also have our youtubers we have a seven ninety nine youtube feature which gives you all of the shows on video figure forty l. e. which by the way myself and tom will be up tonight. Brian vinnie show in wrestling observer. Live all on video video. You online dot com. We also have the top tier and top tier pays nine ninety nine. You not only get all of the archive shows but you can watch. The shows live so if your top tier tonight at five thirty pacific eight thirty eastern. You can stop watching raw and you can watch me and filthy review smackdown review new japan. Strong talk about whatever's going on in his life all that kind of fun stuff so the top tier youtubers requested that their little bads that you get for being a subscriber. Be a gold boat. Well i can confirm this now. Being worked on it you will in fact get that gold boat emoji if you become a top tier youtube subscriber and we have a few people. I really wanna thank folks. Dagan who are top tier twitch homeys their twitch hannah top tier youtube subscribers So there you go if anybody wants to reach god tier status Just follow me at semper posting up my pay pal address. It's a pay pal dot. Me actually semper vv so if you want to become gods here just go ahead and send some money. That way spell here says why don't audio only subscribers get a cool nickname. He's asking this by the way in the twitch chat so he is a twitch. Oh me well my audio only subscribers get to be called a friend. My friend's cousin's your only friends and my family don't forget that could laughing. Mike you despicable person. Let's talk to him right now. Dagan you're on the air what's going on. Hey what's going on guys proud supporter of both Twitch onlys and top tier always happy to support you guys over on the f. o. w. online so i was listening to you guys on friday kinda talking about madison square garden and sort of the allure of that venue and how. Wwe runs the show. There it doesn't really feel special because every show kinda looks the same Me and my buddy here. We're at the ring of honor. New japan show a couple years back there and that show Certainly felt special You know and and some of the Lackluster rings on her booking decisions side. You know we still had okada winning the title On american soil for the first time Which is you know that on. Its own felt pretty good. So i was wondering if you know now that kind of they w and japan are sort of more on a working relationship And obviously a w can't really run shows there at msg 'cause if wwe being direct competitor. Do you know if that affects sort of new. Japan's ability to run shows there. I know they were supposed to run last year. That got postponed. I was curious if you heard anything about that. Show reschedule. So that's what i got today. Have it going guys you ever. Nothing about it being rescheduled. Thanks very much for the call. I going back to the comment about Running madison square garden. Listen.

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