Michigan State University, Wisconsin, Larry Nassar discussed on Talking Baseball with Marty Lurie


Michigan state university right now is under fire it is a world win of emotion both on that campus with the students who have stood up and supported the victims and they were decked out until in the ozone last night for that wisconsin michigan state big ten men's basketball game and a lot of people when you hear michigan state right now you think of larry nassar the former michigan state doctor and also connected to usa gymnastics and by the way their entire board a us olympic committee said hey usa if you still want to be certified yet to get rid of your board and the victims who stood in that courtroom really changed the michigan state story i mean you had victim after victim line up in have the strength to talk about with larry nassar did to them and at all didn't happen on that michigan state campus and again to go to private gymnastics club zinni throw in the usa gymnastics it's one of the darkest deepest ugliest stories ever and i'm not going to get into ranking penn state verses michigan state versus baylor as systemic problems the systems the protocols these schools it's not new it's just so bag at michigan state that the spotlight as on east lansing michigan right now and we'll get into this later on fans who by the tickets who support these universities donate in will show up at events yet the nc aa at least according to that report had thirty seven sexual assault allegations mention to the nc that way president they do nothing.

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