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Have until six o'clock detects that to two hundred two hundred instantly one thousand dollars in cash. Get a text confirming entry, plus iheartradio, info standard data and message rates apply in this nationwide. Contest. Again, the word is bad. As you know, I got a lot of problems at the media. What am I province is this? Whatever somebody's arrested for some terrible thing. The put this thing at the end of the story if convicted the person can get and then they list up all the possible maximum editor at eighteen million years in prison. Ben months later when the person is actually sentenced said, they get a tiny fraction of that. There's never any follow up to question. The people involved in the decision as to why a person who could have gotten such a strong punishment ends up getting almost no punishment at all. This combined with the fact that over time people lose their anger over things. Forget about it in aren't mad anymore. I remember the story is only a few months ago when it came out it was late last year. It was the case of the child that ended up in the toll lot mother was drunk passed out take it into custody for OWI one child take it out of the vehicle with her. She never even told anybody that there was a four year old sleep it in the back seat. The police officer didn't notice the child the vehicle was towed away. The child was found the next day at the toll lot, y'all. Remember that story. Oh, yeah. But women's name is Blair Springfield. She was charged with a number of felonies misdemeanors in connection with the crime. She entered into a plea deal. That was accepted by Milwaukee county, Circuit Judge, David Feis. The end up dismissing number of the chargers, and she agrees to plead guilty to three of them. Listen to the punishment and listen to how in the end it amounts to virtually nothing for this woman. Remember, a number of the charges were dismissed but read into the record is part of the plea deal read into the record. But David didn't do anything about it. Because he ratified the soft deal that was given to him by the prosecutor and the defense attorney. On the first count of OWI operating while intoxicated. One hundred twenty days in the house of correction. Eighty five of them are already served that means she's only got thirty five left. They include Huber privileges. That means she could leave in the league in the daytime. She's only in the house of correction at night. Then on the second OWI charge six months of the house of correction consecutive to w I one pay a seven hundred dollar fine and released for work treatment. And childcare again means that she's only at night. So she's already of the ten months, and it's a total of ten months. One hundred.

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