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New in theaters really one movie to talk about and a lot of Wilson comes is here from into entertainment dot net so welcome back one QT Hey and they're just one you know and I think it's Hobson Shawn this is a spin off to the of the fast and furious franchise rights coproduced by its lead stars Dwayne the rock Johnson who plays federal agent Hobbs and Jason Statham is Shaw a former British special operative that these two have always had this hate hate relationship in the previous fast and furious movies and so this time around they have to reluctantly join forces to take down aegis Elba an agent who's gone Rogan due to a virus has become this enhanced super human with incredible powers and now he's been on world domination of course saw sister Vanessa Kirby who starred in mission impossible fallout is very much a part of the mix here to see isn't just a pretty face here she proved she can holder all along side the big boys in fact summer fight scenes are among the best in the movie and you know how to show may seem like most every other action you've seen this summer but it manages to serve up a few new wrinkles with outlandish and exciting tricks and stunts in the most impressive ones involve a helicopter and motorcycles well the relentless action that has the trio jet sending the London Russian even some all it can get a bit dizzying at times yeah it's the macho chemistry between the rock and Jason stay them and they're funny insults and put downs of each other that really makes often show a welcome debut and overall a fun popcorn pleasing movie you have to roll with the punches on this one there's a lot of punches yeah and there's a lot of fighting but overall it's a fun I had a I had a blast with it so I'm giving it three out of four stars okay not bad yeah I was in shock Hobson show all right and before you go there are some movies that are leaving theaters any must seize for were not so much leaving but just out the two definitely was the on the big screens are Quinn Tarantino's new movie once upon a time in Hollywood had a great debut last week and like forty something million and it's a really good it's a throwback to the old Hollywood stars Leonardo di Caprio and Brad Pitt I I really like this and I I gave it three and a half stars yeah I heard it was really long it is and how it was it was a little over three hours you know if you like tonight I really enjoyed it and of course we have the lying king which has been number one at the box office with the last two weekends although Hobbes and shows predicted the my Lai it out yeah yeah and then of course my favorite that alligator movie crawl I think you should see that big screen up in like a big alligator chomping down on people on the big screen Kitty I'm not sure that my but also Hobson shows going to be an IMAX too so if you can see that one that's going to be great there you go on the really big screen all right Lana Wilson comes in your website into entertainment dot net that's in as in Nancy the number to entertainment dot net great thanks thank you okay and so now we're gonna move on and find out what's going on with our.

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