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The 29th around 10 A.m.. The results came back in covert positive around 5 P.m.. The first case of the strain in the U. S was Tuesday and Colorado While the mutated virus is suspected of being more contagious, it's not believed to be more deadly, and experts believe the vaccine will still work. Teddy goes. Mayor says he is tired of those who have a blatant disregard to defy covert guidelines. Beginning now, as we head toward 2021, he's going to do something about it as we head towards the New Year. Mayor Todd Glory of signing an executive order Covert 19 is surging throughout our state, our region and our city mayor working with police, the city attorney, he says they will enforce you could be fined up to $1000 for violating state or local public health orders. This executive order is Not designed to further punish those who have consistently done the right thing. This executive order is to hold accountable those who are responsible for prolonging this pandemic. Phil Farrar, KOGO News Mayor Gloria also saying the city will not be enforcing parking, meter violations time limited parking, yellow commercial zones and short term green zones. Bipartisan effort led by President Trump and the House to get Maura Money and Americans coronavirus stimulus checks may be stopped by the Senate. Lucas Tomlinson reports Senate Majority Leader accusing Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer trying to pull a fast one on the president and the American people, Speaker Pelosi structured her bill so that a family of four would have to earn more than $300,000 in order, not Not to qualify for Mork. I've the Senate debating two major funding bills that stimulus increasing defense today vote override the president's veto on the massive events. Bill could come tomorrow or Saturday must be done by noon Sunday because that's when 116th Congress ends, clearing the books on all legislation. It's on offer here, Bernie Sanders, saying he's in lockstep with the president, Sanders says Trump is right on bumping up those checks in $2000. Senator Sanders is threatening to hold up a vote on the National Defense Authorization Act. Unless the Senate votes on the $2000 stimulus checks. Britain is now armed with another Corona virus vaccine. There's Brian shook. The country became the first to approve one developed by AstraZeneca and the University of Oxford. Shots begin Monday for nursing home residents, Health care workers and those over 80 mass immunization centers will be set up in sporting arenas and convention halls. The goal is to vaccinate up to two million people a week amid a new, more contagious strain spreading. I'm Brian shook. US. Health officials are hoping the AstraZeneca vaccine could be approved in the U. S. By early April. Senator Josh Holly, sticking with his decision to challenge the electoral college certification on the Senate floor, the Missouri Republican saying that 74 million people who feel they've been disenfranchised, haven't been heard, and he's going to speak up for his constituents. We need an investigation into fraud. We need election reform measures to be passed..

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