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From the scene before they crash. Their pickup along Gulf Pump Road. One was arrested, but three others are still on the run. We know that they fled on foot and in the woods. If they see somebody in the area of Gulf pump road exiting that area that appears that they've been running from the police. I suggest they give us a call. It's very hot out there going to be dirty. They're gonna be sweaty. Police are sifting through surveillance video trying to identify the remaining suspects. A new wastewater sampling shows the delta very of Covid 19 is spreading through Houston. The more contagious but less deadly strain has been detected in 15 of the city's 39 wastewater treatment plants as presence of the delta variant increases. Officials say the U K variant that was showing earlier this year is diminishing. A new report says the average tax refund this year is just over $2800 if you ever get it, the national taxpayer advocate says the I R s was dealing with a backlog of 35 million returns in May. Only about 70% of individual returns resulted in a refund this year. Ktrh news time 503 Wall Street posted records to close out a strong week. Now, if you look at today's numbers, here's ktrh Money Man Passion brought to you by DM auto leasing dot com Good evening. Wyatt Stocks Closing the day broadly higher. The Dow industrials finishing today up by 152 points, closing at 7 34,086 s and P 500 up 32.3 quarters of 1%. Ditto that for the NASDAQ Up by 116 points, that, by the way, a new Record closing high for the S and P and the NASDAQ Oil down just seven cents $75.16 a barrel gold by $6.20 an ounce $1783 And finally, for the week, the Dow industrials up 354 points or right at 1% with a check of your money from the Office of Heritage Asset Advisors. I'm Pat Shen for NewsRadio, 7 40 ktrh. Thanks. Pat Up Next, The Michael Barry show I'm Wyatt Goolsbee for NewsRadio. 7 40 ktrh. It's that time, time, time time, lock and load. Michael. Very show is on the air..

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