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You've lost a loved one during this time and can't afford to pay because of financial hardships related to Corona virus, Gabriel Dominion knew a man who calls himself robbed. The rapist is facing even more serious charges. He's been in jail since August for sexual assault. Now. America County Sheriff Paul Penzone says 12. More victims have come forward. They accused 51 year old Robert in car via of sexually assaulting them. Our number one concern predators have oftentimes in multiple victims. Therefore, we have to continue to work to not only locate potential victims, but to make sure that we can tie these cases together. The sheriff's office worked with other law enforcement agencies to connect the cases. Katya are eyes on parenting. 20 twenties already played enough tricks on us. So the Phoenix fired probably want you to be safe this Halloween, and it starts with what your little monsters air wearing as they go from house to house when you're picking a costume fronted to pick some of this long and flowing that could actually make the kid trip. Make sure if they're wearing a mask that they take it off as they go from house to house and put it on right before they get to the House. Phoenix Fire Marshal Brian Scholl recommends bringing up flashlights of cars conceal you more easily. Katie, our news time is 807. Danny Sullivan is in the Valley Chevy dealers. Traffic Center. Keeping an eye on things for us, eh, Danny? All right, Jamie. A Sfar freeways Go state. 51 looks good from top to bottom. No delays there, but you still have a big heavy slowdown on I 17 it's just south found between 19th Avenue and Seventh Avenue. Also, I 10 coming in with a slowdown eastbound 51st Avenue Seventh Street, and to break tapping remains on the loose. Wanna want eastbound between 17 to past seventh Street. Also watch out for an accident on Olive is at about 71st Avenue. You've.

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