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KABC news, live and local. It's two thirty. I'm Liz Warner President Trump says he won't be declaring a national emergency overboard border wall funding, just yet he says Democrats need to fix things. This is where I asked the Democrats to come back to Washington and to vote for four the wall the barrier. Whatever you wanna call. It's okay with me. They can name it whatever they can name it features. I don't care what they damage, but we need money for that L A USD officials are currently at the bargaining table right now with a brand new proposal for the teachers union to consider one that includes more funding to curb class size and provide more teachers support they're trying to hammer out an agreement with the union at UT LA headquarters. And if no eleventh-hour agreement is reached today the teacher's union does plan to walk out on Monday, Covina police are investigating the death of a toddler. After finding his mother covered with blood running through the streets at very bad like something out of a out of a horror movie. Sergeant David Rodriguez says officers spotted a partially clothed woman early in the morning near north second avenue in Italia street notice. She had some blood splatter on her body that she didn't have any injuries. She was saying some weird things she mentioned something that led officers to believe that there might be someone who out there who was hurt or that was a victim of some type of crime officers eventually found the woman's home where they came across a small fire and the toddlers lifeless body the circumstances surrounding the boy's death are under investigation, James..

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