Isaiah Simmons, Baker Mayfield, Jared Goff discussed on Super Bowl LI - Patriots vs. Falcons


Drafted Isaiah Simmons you have a team that's moving in the right direction they're finding their identity they're a good story not the best story though the most intriguing story and the NFC west ogle offsides number three so there are a few NFL quarterbacks are looking for bounce back seasons in twenty twenty after successful rookie year Baker Mayfield struggled his sophomore campaign throwing twenty one interceptions Jared Goff as you just said took the ramp to the super bowl two years ago but dipped in twenty nineteen as he threw sixteen picks and is rams as the playoffs Filber is a hall of fame resume but had a brutal twenty nineteen season throwing twenty interceptions and a passer rating of eighty eight point five so once I draw sides of the trio mention Baker Mayfield will have the best bounce back season in twenty twenty I told you this I think the Browns going to the playoffs so would be tough for me not to say Baker Mayfield off that statement I'm not a believer in Jared Goff I think will be slightly better this year but I'm not a believer in them Philip rivers are Baker that's what I limit the options to now eliminate Goff for Philip rivers two years ago at thirty two picks twelve interceptions last year twenty three touchdowns twenty interceptions you take a glance at Baker Mayfield Baker Mayfield had a very successful rookie campaign and then your number two it was a disaster for Cleveland disaster for the entire team rookie year twenty seven touchdowns fourteen picks last year twenty two touchdowns twenty one.

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