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You liked him either he you can't feel wonder about impeachment if you don't like them you feel another about the future nobody is changing anybody's mind on that but those independent they may you know the the one factor we didn't talk about is impeachment they may look at this and I suspect they are again based on early polls they may say look his phone call wasn't perfect he he says things that a presidential per se I was the strong arming the young Ukrainian president yeah he was strong arming and come out but is that an impeachable offense and the early polls indicate that the moderate swing voters the ones that will decide the election the numbers are not they bring the Democrats right now it's a long way off till next November it's eleven months all till election day but as of as of now impeachment isn't helping of the Democrats I'm going to go but we only have about a little less than a minute left you that read something on daytime trash TV so what shows which ones do you like not like other two shows or Jerry Springer and more info I know you're gonna say mori still live little they're on TV yeah I know I did Laurie is still they both went on in nineteen ninety one Jerry's on re runs on the CW channel which nobody is confusing with PBS right and and more he is still alive if the crew park square wanted to produce a TV show to make black people in America look bad we couldn't do as good a job as Maury Povich that is a great points that's why Bernard Goldberg dot com is a great site to go to because it's original thought like that that you're going to get.

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