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Room. And face the same person who's giving her sustained abuse. That's what the report says. It's sustained abuse. So I'm shocked that nobody stepped up and went oh, that's enough. Or that he himself didn't. Grab hold himself and go, what the hell are you doing? It's suppressing its disappointing and in 2021 as we head closer to 2022. The really, it's one thing to be trolled online to have that kind of thing happening in the workplace. We can't have this. It's wrong. It's wrong. It's morally wrong. It's ethically wrong. And I can't understand how she hasn't been supported more. But the line in the times and I'll repeat it again is bullying culture, the headline is briny frost reveals shocking bullying culture and horse racing. She didn't really, because that actually implicates the cheat that she didn't. This has to have come from the BHA. In horse racing, that's a professional opinion. Allegedly. I'm assuming it came there. First rule of law never assume, but there are reasons as you and I both know as to why somebody who was with the BHA or maybe still is with the BHA may have their reasons for leaking this story. Not rightly. There could be a reason as to why that happened. But well, the bottom for this. The bottom headline is case report maintains that Robbie Don bullied and this is the case report case report maintains that Robbie Don bullied and harassed 26 year old frost over a prolonged period in her place of work. But it is the delay in coming to a conclusion that has partly fueled this, isn't it? Why has it taken so long? It would take you actually the soul analogy again. If a T-shirt hears of an allegation of bullying in the classroom, the quicker you can clear it up the better because you actually cut off the potential for bullying in the future from the same bully to the same victim. Anyway, clearly things go on all the time in the world. There are bad, but you have to address that particular situation as quickly as you can, and nip it in the bud. As you say, there will be other people assuming that all this, these are allegations at the moment. But assuming that there is truth in this, there will be other people this is from the report. This is from this is from the case report. It maintains that he did that. Just for our own sake, I can say that. Well, was it made more difficult by the fact that others weren't this because and if they couldn't get that information, think of something like if it goes to a course of law, you do need witnesses don't you? You otherwise it's just one person's word against another. I'm not in any way suggesting. There's anything in the report that is on true. But we are looking at an issue here, potentially of severity of what went on. And I personally don't think that any anybody is acceptable in any circumstances. But what formed did it take? Was it words was it more than that? Was it aggression? And I need to know more. And I need to also know why it has taken so long to. The report that you referring to there, and to become more public knowledge. So there's forget why it's now become public knowledge. But I need to know more. Where things deliberately handled away in order to hide them from public view or is it that the investigation has taken a long time to complete. But either way that bullying as we know could make people's lives an absolute misery to the point where they don't want to turn up whether it be a school or whether they're going to the workplace. And it would be awful to think there's such an example happening in sort of horse racing. I have to say that in all the time that I've been going racing, which is decades. Now I'd never seen or got the feeling that this is a problem that repeats itself over and over again. But at the same time, that doesn't mean to say that it doesn't. Maybe it's just extremely well hidden. And that is often the case with bullying, isn't it? It can surprise even people who are quite close to the situation who have no idea that it's going on. And I've seen it in workplaces. I've never actually been involved myself on either side of the equation. But I think that the leaking of the report actually poses more questions than answers. Yeah, and it also damages a potential court case. Which this is almost certainly headed towards, because now it's in the court of public opinion. And because it's so well known in public opinion. That then does whether the intention of this person was to get it out there so that it's known. The fact is that this is, this is a case, and now public knowledge can harm that. And it doesn't do it that many favors. So that's another wrinkle in it. But I agree with you that it's not something that I thought we can think of. I remember Kieran Fallon pulling a jockey off of a horse one day because I remember the footage been shown to me. I think I'm going to be a bit young to appreciate it at the time, but I remember talking about Karen falcon on the show when someone sent me a link to Karen Fulton. Literally pulling a jockey off for her. By the way, get your minds out of the gutter. He threw a guy off a horse, right? That's what happened. And the fact that he, you know, he did that is that how do you describe that? Is that just a case of it's rage in this day and age, it would be physical assault. But it's an incredibly complex matter that really should be handled by the BHA, the really should be handled by them issuing a full and detailed report instead of that report being leaked to the times. Who then writes about it and every journalist, including Oz, then has to scour through it and go well, what does this mean? What does this mean? And you know if people accusing Brian frost of leaking it, and it's not in her interest to do that. I just don't think that that's I also don't think she'll have the report. I don't think she'd have access to it. So I don't think that it can be heard. I think it has to have come from. The BHA themselves. For whatever reason. It's come from there. But it's a depressing it's a depressing read. And it's a depressing thought. So we'll end on a better one. Colin Keane. Smashes the all time record for winners in a season. As we are recording, and we've talked to one champion jockey already whose Irish, by the way, just settle knowledge there. Colin Keane, this season's not done yet. 132 winners. The records was a 127. The Joseph Brian had prior to that, there was a long-standing record that McKinnon had he is an extraordinary but an extraordinary jockey and goes from strength to strength. He's an extremely good jockey. The funny thing is that they're in the UK where I'm based. He is largely unknown, because he doesn't come to either very often. Certainly doesn't have any winners here. That's because of the nature of the kind of rights. He gets his works for and also the fact that he seems to just love riding winners, doesn't he? Is he one of those jockeys? And we have them over here from such. So I'm champion jockeys who you don't see that often in the group one. So they don't win that many group ones, but they just like accumulating lots and lots of winners, which you say that he sees that as being his number one mode of software. I think that if I think his relationship with your lines is a very close one and jar obviously has built his stable up over the years. And so he is competing in group ones more than he would have been. He's also come in for support for the likes of 8 and O'Brien, for example, who supported him last year and his utilized up this year as well. But I think that with the late great pat small and having passed away, God rest him having dominated this championship for 9 successive years. Colin wanted to go out there. And I think the line from both color and machine was they wanted to win it for him. And last year it was a really close it was a very, very close battle last year between Colin and chain. This year, it's a no contest. It's a knockout. He's absolutely blitzed..

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