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The insurance on it and I said okay and, they said okay and we and we, did? The deal and I'm going well this is how you lower healthcare costs right because you're. Paying directly for the first several thousand dollars and, you're, going to question it so you're. Not going to go there to say. Oh I have a twenty dollar deductible I. Don't care. How much it costs and I've told the story about, my wife of course I got a good sense not to question this myself. But we're going? Through the drive through the. Pharmacy and she had an IB And the Queen she had had called in by her her doctor was something Riddick. I never can remember what it was but it, was, several hundred dollars for the cream. And they came they said you know. And they do this this this drug should. Go before, before we take your car and run this once you, know you do know this is two hundred fifty bucks you she will what Oh my God Honey. You're worth it I just sat there and she. Said we're not, paying, that for them And they said you she said do. You have an. Alternate well we got some other things over the counter. You can, use, it will cost. You about maybe twenty or thirty bucks she said well we'll do that, so we already growing long story short when you're connected to the product nobody's gonna pay two. Hundred and fifty bucks for some cream to get rid of poison Ivy so don't. Necessarily have to come down in price, because nobody's gonna pay to fifty Ron in Oregon you're up next the Phil Valentine Ron Ron you're with, us Did, he get? Cold feet, you think so I'm here okay Ron what's, on your mind What's, on my, mind I was talking about great. Great Walden the man has been audible second this even though. I have trader. The lockstep Nemi congressional district, I'm a PCP I, am a, black conservative consider myself a redneck, but Nevertheless I believe in, a constitutional, sense and I feel? Like, with you know what's my state politics unfortunately we got a mindset that gas gauge southern. Oregon is that fallen runs the whole state we had only nineteen percent wrote it in, the Republican party side in my. State Mary and let me tell you? Something how do I, get their. Minds, hop. Because here's the facts Obama's point twelve election the number of people that are yeah they have number, of employees metropolitan area but the. Participation rate and the primaries and the? General election is dropping How do I get this message across to these and I'm trying all I can't I talked, to over three thousand, four Trump's, election I mean the thing is, it's, like I'll take a never connected with, a gang was missed a pants over the shining like everybody but yet Willing to suck the life, of your Buffs in your soul. Character well you're in luck my friend 'cause we're here. Now in Oregon to save the day trust.

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