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Is straight enough it is as good a franchise record our goal by Randy bullock well you yeah yeah so they goals radio network why man who committed the fall started a play before deserves some credit I agree I wasn't happy with that I'll say this it was a magical moment in front of a crowd of a hundred it didn't it didn't sell very magical considering the build up the book had a chance to make cap franchise history all our analysts have you ever done yeah yeah yeah analysis so is there a lot yeah as at the scene to your state yeah yeah yeah I can't help myself there are occasions where something I'm talking magnificent around we did play yesterday show a head Leitner call for one on one of the scores are during our show yesterday yeah yeah yeah the voice of the yes that's right I was waiting to see if you were on that call but you get no no I I I keep all the calls please unless it's something that's just absolutely absurd like things I've never seen before I remember that a corner who caught his third consecutive intersection in the third consecutive often supply you with the I I I was witnessing an NC double a history in front of me and so I remember going all my goodness and you know I was a part of the call on what we have here gathered this is a highlight from the broadcast that rich was apart all right let's all right to that call Agnew place take lots of time to go long down field thirty five yard line keep in mind rich or burger is sitting right next some right there showing restraint letting the play by play guy do the call that's good restraint right but keep it clean yeah the queen look I'll describe what it was supposed to and frankly the the chip was just lost at sea Matthews in underneath coverage giants leading the Redskins twenty fourteen at that have Daniel Jones fourteen of eighty one sixty five three touchdowns having a very big game all right where the guy go Fox Sports radio studios we're gonna have the second half of these early games keep it right here as we got your Fox Sports Reds radio coming up next please call the coach is going nuts on the sides number sixteen in the Fox Sports radio MVP Patrick my homes for Ellsberg diamond okay the clock's ticking and you still need to give you're not sure where to start believe me I've been there so here's the game plan get the hills were diamonds when they have stunning jewelry at great prices and all the no pressure advice you need to bring home a W. you've got this now get out.

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