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The district police responded to the situation and given unusual glimpse into the mind of a teen contemplating a school shooting that from ashley loose wrenches great writing and great reporting by her in the journal sentinel you know what the school district and local law enforcement did acted on a credible threat unlike in parkland florida where four years the gunman's behavior went completely unchecked that ladies and gentlemen is how you stop school shootings before they start oh you wanna get up in march and get up in march about all of the missed signs all of the missed signals the refusal to investigate or prosecute the stoneman douglas high school gunman for making cyber threats for cyber stalking for doing any of the behaviors that we claim oh this is so terrible yet we've got a leftist policy in place apparently in parkland florida that this school superintendent robert runcie who may be the luckiest human being in the world that he is not being blamed for this sheriff scott israel is he still in charge of the sheriff's department down in broward county how did that guy escape with his job all of the referrals all of the specific warnings about specific threats even a phone call from the gunman himself saying how i'm going through a lot of stuff right now i'm just i'm feeling really out of sorts and violent and all of this for years not a matter of days not a matter of weeks or months but years it was obvious that this guy was building towards this nothing done ever the kid was reportedly not even allowed to wear a backpack to school because they were worried about what would be not disciplined not removed from school my goodness nobody and then oh it's the guns it's the guns it's the guns the guns we didn't have a school shooting at walla tosa tosa east you wanna know why this kid apparently had a gun he was worried about being able to get shells for his shotgun that his family.

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