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Stake for $2.2 billion That's in cash from Saudi Prince. I've only been to last kingdom holding Just got ADM. Across the Emirates. I'm used to get mad at Dean into by Welcome to this Thursday show as we count down to some important monetary policy decisions specifically from the baby, But first, let's start off with what's happening with us Treasuries because we had an important 10 year auction overnight. HGTV go for our clients currently yields 1.33. This is your charge with your 50. 102 100 day moving average going into this traders are on edge. There's an angst around some of the risks as the US approaches the debt cap breach. Bank of America, saying that risk assets said not to care about the stresses around the debt limit, and I'll tell around two weeks before default date. I want to get to the cross Asset matrix for you A quick check on how we're training this minute on US equity futures after a dip in US shares overnight, currently called little bit lower again about 3/10 of 1%. Bank of America, highlighting that you know what? Look, we're forgetting about the equity rally here. That's powered the S and P five under well past Wall Street's year and forecaster dumping their diaries and P 500 call after some of the big jumps that we've seen, the Bloomberg dollar index gets a lift. Just barely above the flatline here. This is still a one week high, potentially a 50% retracement level. The late summer move that we've seen is what throughout the Dominion Bank saying and then Brent crude at $72.76 a barrel. Look out for those protests in Libya. That's something I'm watching potentially 800,000 barrels a day that could be at stake. Let's run you through some of the other market action in Asia specifically with Juliet, Sally. She joins us from Singapore jewels. Will you sit on the back of that oil movie? I think energy stocks looking pretty good. But the rest of the markets here in Asia falling for a second decision, and in fact, the regional benchmark index having its biggest fall in around three weeks, watching this big seller to coming through in the hang saying, Take index As you see the likes of Nitties intense and full after Chinese authorities summoned the gaming companies once again concerns about more restrictions in this space is saying that they should de emphasize Profits here, and that has prompted a slide in a lot of the tape players. The Cosby also under pressure as you see the likes of Cacau and Samsung falling. We're seeing the minors under pressure in Australia, too. Although city does say that they have upgraded Fortescue to ABI, they say the selloff they've seen in that stock is overdone. And once again we're watching China immigrant it shares have fallen to the lowest since July, 2015. Have punched as much as 11% in the morning session in Hong Kong, the ongoing concerns about the liabilities for Evergrande, But we heard from Jeffrey, speaking on Bloomberg Markets Asia earlier and they said there are actually more positives around this company. The negatives lately, but certainly a lot of concerns about the overall debt liability of 353 $105 billion In assets there, Yusuf. It's just astounding remarks. It's going to weigh on a lot of the conversations throughout the day. The story Thank you for the moment Jewels Juliet salary there. Let's also run you through the first world headlines from around the world for that we get out to someone Fox Mandala. Hey, Simone..

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