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That law the stuff i don't know what it is have to look it up so twitter facebook on kinda burned out on it it's just it's a different interfaces different it simpler i i like something different jake talking wbz six 175 what 1030 wbz newsradio 1030 we're looking at chinese food and i gotta somehow got ahead hankering for chinese would maybe that'll be a good thing to do for new year's eve right new year's eve one night when you can splurge let's face it most of us don't go out right right because it's disappointing isn't it isn't always disappointing when have you ever gone out for new year's eve and had to be yeah boy i'm glad i went out for me it's always this anticipation of some sort of climactic event and as five four three two one we we do your ted your champagne and then what now oh career go home no way it's just think of it as a night off i'm taking it off new year's eve but i'm going to do is maybe you could journeys vote now our this discussion which at i get at a bottle of red press sacko why because it's fun to say as i liked the red so what's your favorite chinese foot what are you really love to kinda gore on on sour soup ed dropped soup single egg jumpsuit bonton soup single on tons of chinese venues have lots of stuff on it salty though you can really talk to the waiter and ask for anything special you just got kinda take it like it is always to sauces beg slice chicken an i sasaski cashew chicken kung pao chicken peking duck app you gotta hear some of the classics general ghows chicken who was general gal and why did he coke is chicken like this move shoe chicken there is a documentary about general gow and the chickens all documentary all right i'll come on that among the notice note to self so then that's a legitimate question someone else had that question and then went to the great great lengths of doing a documentary on who is general gowon wide of why we name chicken after him i'm a big squid fan now i'm a fan of squid a big fan of squid not as fan of bigs would.

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